lightbulb NAC Tournament Report (Martin Weinmayer perspective)

17 Jun 2019 10:26 - 30 Aug 2022 10:19 #95419 by angrynewb
NAC Day 1:
Playing Emerald Legionnaire Block. I expected a lot of Bleed.

Round 1:
Alexandre Bustos playing his Turbo Erlik is sitting as my predator. After making the "wrong" 50/50 choice i get ousted first before he would jam. Great deck, check it out !

Round 2:
Bill Troxel as my Predator playing Shambling Hordes Legionnaire, with Darby Keeny playing Legacy of Pander vote. Great, having 2 of the strongest NA players as successing predators with high aggressive decks oO. Darby gets shutdown early by Jake Washington. Bill without pressure is too fast for me and get me down to 3 pool. Bill is relying on Unmasking hitting the table, Darby plays Not to be and takes the table. Ousting me and Bill at the same time to deny me the blocks. Well played Darby !

Round 3:
What a turn of events, wow! Jay Kristoff is my Prey playing Toreador Block, David Cherryholmes my grandprey with Euro Brujah. I think i am done, but then things happen. David merciless shuts down Jay, playing Pentex on his first minion and Decapitate Alexandra when Jay try to force Pentex removal. Backousting might have been the right play, but i got a Sniper Rifle shutting down Davids Tech. I help my predator survive long enough to take the sweep.

1gw 4vp total. With the exception of mark jasper (1vp) the cut for day 2 was 1.5vp.

NAC Day 2:
Playing Stanislava Vote. Cant disappoint by not playing my most famous deck ;-)

Round 1:
Lets talk about the power level of my deck when luck is shining on me. The table was setup it wasnt even funny. Start with 2x Villein+ Giants Blood. Bringing back memories of a certain NAC final to Brad Cashdollar ;-). I bleed and vote the shit out of everyone, i almost felt bad for the table. After i oust 3 players in about 50min, i managed to throw a 100% table sweep. I lock myself out for no reason, and Mark Laughman ousts me with 15 pool damage. Yes, my head hurt like crazy from the flu i got yesterday, and i was certainly deceived by how easy this game was, and Mark offering a handshake already. Wasnt even thinking anymore. Overconfidence and lack of concentration cost me the sweep, and i left the table with a bitter feeling i just throw a secured final spot... Bill Troxel happpened to be 5th in final with 1gw 4,5vp.

Round 2:
I cant remember a preround having that much impact on the whole Championship.
Bear with me, this is what happened:
3 of the later finalists were seated. Corwin, Shane and me. Alain Greiner sitting as my prey with Goratrix. I already think about giving him a 3-2 split, but i got no Stanislava, no poolgain and Shane had all his little tremeres bleeding me like crazy. I was ousted first. Alain ended up in a 1vs1 with Corwin. There was some miscommunication between them, and Alain payed for transfers while Leandro was in torpor. Denying.him a vessel play, which could have easily decided this game. Corwin takes the win. Later, it turned out that we had the wrong seating, Alain with Goratrix should be Corwins prey, not my prey oO I certainly understand Alains frustration feeling cheated twice on his gamewin, most likely resulting in Alain going to finals instead of Corwin. My take on this is: even though Alain insists he was asking Corwin clearly about Leandro, i had similiar things happening because of our accent. For the seating: its random so the mistake added another random layer to the game.

Round 3:
There he was again, the most dangerous man in the Tournament. Alexandre Bustos sitting as my Grandprey with Turbo Erlik. I advice everyone to get an idea on how this works. Players not knowing or underestimating its power is what makes this win the most.
I know i need to be fast, going forward like a madman i oust my prey in about 25min. Mark Jasper was sitting as Alexandres prey, beeing on 24 pool with Malgorzata he
Refuses to deal with me so i can go and oust Alexandre before he starts. I wasnt happy about this "lets roll a dice and see if Alexandre is running the table before he jams". Luck was on my side though, and Mark was left on 5 pool. I oust them both on my next turn.

2gw 7vp going 3rd seed in finals.
We had some arguing going on because i told the finalists what everyone is playing. I feel its unfair that people have information by "spying" which others dont.

Final Round:
My prey Bill and my Predator Corwin had me votelocked. Beeing seated with 3 Liquidation decks i try to speed up the table, but getting no poolgain i ended up fighting for survival instead. Bill and my Grandyprey Mehdi refused to help and get me off the table instead, leaving me at Corwins mercy. I offer Corwin a parity 5 from Bill to him to get me another turn, which ultimately resulted in Corwin ousting Bill after he got me. I had some discussion later about screwing other players games to get this 1-2% chances when cycling for cards. In this game i decided to screw Bill, because he and Mehdi put me in this Position, and i had a second out with Enkil unlock and Powerbleed. But i choose not to screw up my grandpredator Shane to cycle 1 more. Probably the wrong play, but i just didnt feel like it...
Another keyplay was Mehdi beeing afraid of Shanes deflections, and giving Corwin 11 pool with Golconda on Lucian. (He had no deflections at this point).
Bill, Mehdi and Corwin had 2 master phases, but Corwin also having Parthenon gave him a distinct advantage. Corwin ousts me, Mehdi oust Shane, Corwin ousts Bill with 3 ashurs recursing anarchist uprising. Timout before Corwin would get Mehdi.

Grats to Corwin, i see him grow as a player online, and his passion for the game resulted in beeing your 2019 NAC Champion!
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17 Jun 2019 14:04 #95425 by BlueSadDoll
Thanks for the report! It would be even more helpful if you shared explicitly what decks were the other players playing.

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17 Jun 2019 14:55 #95428 by Mewcat
We need a weekly special, "the Martin report", where you talk about dominate and multiple master phases.

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