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17 Oct 2019 12:10 - 23 Jan 2020 15:39 #97432 by Nekròs
[Barga] - New Blood

Barga, Italy
October 13th, 2019
30 players

Carlo Daniele's Tournament Winning Deck
Deck Name: S&B Black Hand
Created By: Carlo Daniele
Description: S&B deck based on Black Hand tricks.

Cript: (12 cards)
3 Karif al Numair
2 Elimelech the Twice-Damned
1 Izhim abd Azrael
1 Al-Muntathir, God's Witness
1 Djuhah, The Bronze Bow
1 Hagar Stone
1 Rashid Stockton
1 Lubomira Hradok
1 Claudia

Library: (90 cards)
Master (21 cards)
5 Zillah's valley
5 Villein
2 Information Highway
2 Dream's of the Sphinx
2 Watchtower Four Ride Forth
1 Wash
1 Monastery of Shadow
1 Powerbase Montreal
1 Direct Intervention
1 Obfuscate

Action (19 cards)
6 Recruitment Exercise
9 Reunion Kamut
1 Psychic Veil
3 Tattoo Signal

Reaction (16 cards)
2 My Enemy's Enemy
6 Telepathic Misdirection
4 Eyes of Argus
2 Delaying Tactics
2 On the qui Vive

Combat (6 cards)
2 Hidden Strength
2 Superior Mettle
2 No Trace

Action Modifier (21 cards)
3 Swallowed by the Night
3 Elder Impersonation
1 Spying Mission
2 Faceless Night
2 Veil the Legions
2 Cloak the Gathering
3 Into thin Air
3 Lost in Crowds
2 Enkil Cog

Equipment (5 cards)
1 Heart of Nizchetus
3 Camera Phone
1 Bowl of Convergence

Reteiner (2 cards)
1 J.S. Simmons, Esq.
1 Tasha Morgan

Alessandro Donati, Archbishop of Barga.
"Your life will set with the sun."
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17 Oct 2019 16:43 #97435 by thelonius reloaded
A wonderful venue, and some safe bleed among friend. 30 players for a tournament that last year scored only ten if I well remember.

Great work, my friend!

Archon approved

Lurking in the underground of Bologna, Italy

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17 Oct 2019 16:47 #97436 by Lech
Replied by Lech on topic TWD - [Barga] - New Blood
Woah, no Guarded Rubrics? Surprising. Overall deck looks fun to play.

:laso: :CEL: :DOM: :OBT: :POT: :cap8:
Sabbat.Black Hand Shakar: Lech loathe ranged weapons. Once each action, he may burn 1 blood to become Camarilla Prince of Krakow until the end of the action.

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