check TWD: Repo Man (Denver CO, 10 Nov 2019)

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Repo Man
Denver, CO, USA
Nov 10, 2019
15 Players
Darby Keeney

Deck Name : (2019 2Q) Flay the Game V2 (feat. Xipe Totec)
Author : Darby Keeney
Description : Leverages two [ANI][VIC][aus+][pro+] vampires to screw with the current ally-based and location-dependent metagame. A few flexible elements support a basically bad stealth bleed deck, resulting in more than the sum of the pieces.

For this tournament, "favorable" fails to describe how well things worked out: a bleedy prey with a rush grandprey and a mis-firing Nergal deck upstream. A bleedy grandpredator with a bloating predator and a Summon History ally deck downstream. In each case, a Rachel Brandywine deck that relies on Homoculus across from me. It made for a couple of game wins and great seeding going into the finals.

I was able to get that same bleedy grandpredator with a bloating predator in the finals, and the Nergal deck was pointed away from me. The table seated as Darby (Xipe) --> Jesper (Nergal) --> Marshall (G4/5 Lawfirm) --> Karl (DOM OBT Art of Memory) --> Kelly (Vote-bloat)

Contesting Dreams with my grandpredator bought time for the table to develop, but a flurry of actions saw Karl oust Kelly, Nergal barely miss an oust, Marshall miss an oust by even less and Karl me by 2. I ousted Jesper and Marshall immediately got Karl, leaving us heads-up. All the bounce I couldn't find earlier found use as intercept, which gave me enough of an edge for the win. An interesting, tense, fun final.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 9 average: 7
5x Xipe Totec 9 ANI AUS PRO VIC archbishop Tzimisce:5
2x Stephen Bateson 6 ani aus tha vic Tzimisce:5
1x Darvag, The Butcher 8 ANI VIC aus pot pro Tzimisce:4
1x Ludmijla Rakoczy 7 ANI AUS VIC bishop Tzimisce:5
1x Dr. Morrow, The Sk 5 AUS VIC for Tzimisce:5
1x Yuri Kerezenski 5 ANI aus for vic bishop Tzimisce:4
1x New Blood 2 san Blood Bro:ANY

*// Xipe's text special is stupidly good in the current metagame. It gets even better when someone drops the Unmasking. Darvag's text can be useful against Parthenon, intercept locations and stealth locations. Stephen's stealth provides steady bleed pressure before lunge turns.

Library [65 cards]
Action [8]
3x Deep Song
3x Fiendish Tongue
2x Under Siege

Action Modifier [9]
4x Changeling
2x Earth Control
3x Mind of the Wilds *// With Chiropteran, offers an occassional surprise for blockers

Action Modifier/Combat [3]
2x Plasmic Form
1x Rapid Change

Ally [1]
1x War Ghoul *// Upgrades less useful stolen allies.

*// This deck doesn't need Carlton, it just steals someone else's.
*// There was a Mylan Horseeed in here, it fell out he started appearing frequently in the Denver meta.

Combat [5]
2x Chiropteran Marauder
3x Form of Mist

Equipment [3]
3x Living Manse *// Frequently burned to end combat. One goes on Stephen ASAP.

*// There used to be a Bowl of Convergence, but Xipe often ends up too busy to bother getting it.

Event [1]
1x Scourge of the Enochians *// Because I want to consistently highlight how stupid this card is.

Master [23]
1x Coven, The
3x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Giant's Blood
2x Grooming the Protege
2x Information Highway
1x Jake Washington
1x Library Hunting Ground
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Papillon
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
2x Perfectionist
5x Villein
1x Wider View
1x Zillah's Valley *// No idea how this ended at one instead of 2.

*// This is a deep Master package, at least 7 of them are trifles. From there, discards (w/ Dreams) usually manage hand contents reasonably. The package clearly focuses on making and moving blood.

Reaction [12]
3x Eyes of Argus
1x My Enemy's Enemy
3x On the Qui Vive
5x Telepathic Misdirection

*// I omitted Delaying Tactics because I see Undele vote decks so much that it wasn't helpful.
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15 Nov 2019 01:19 - 15 Nov 2019 01:20 #97822 by Pagan
Go eff yourself Xipe Totec.

Get your own damn allies. That weren't mine.
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