check TWD Zillah's Tears IV - Chill of Oblivion (Vantaa, Finland)

09 Dec 2019 13:09 - 23 Jan 2020 15:35 #98187 by Khalid1988
Zillah's Tears IV - Chill of Oblivion
Vantaa, Finland
December 8th 2019
14 players
Tom Lindberg

On a chilly Sunday 14 brave Methuselahs ventured to compete in a tournament in order to see who would prevail this time. We have tried to have a tournament every month here in Southern Finland area and I am glad we were able to continue the tradition. A big thank you to all the participants. For my own part I can say that the level of play in each table was very high which made each round enjoyable to play. :)

The final table was:
1. Antti Penttilä (Reckless Agitation stealth vote, 1st seed)
2. Jani Malmi (Lasombra vote, 4th seed)
3. Aapo Järvelin (Gangrel bloat and bleed, 3rd seed)
4. Tom Lindberg (Hartmut and the girls, 5th seed)
5. Marko Oja (Nosferatu antitribu bleed with Couriers, 2nd seed)

I wrote a transcript of the final round which you can find as an attachment on this post. Generally speaking, the final round was very fast paced and the game ended with one hour left in the clock. Congratulations Tom for winning the final!

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

Last but not least, here is Tom's winning deck list as well as some of his comments:

"Hartmut and the girls, aka my Stanislava deck.

I had every meaning to change out some cards against some more political actions, as well as change out Vele’s hunt but I was in a hurry the morning of the tournament."

4 x Stanislava
2 x Genevieve
2 x Hartmut Stover
2 x Ingrid Rossler
1 x Iliana
1 x Caitlin

Library (74)
Master (17)
1 x Abombwe
1 x Archon Investigation
1 x Dominate
2 x Dreams of the Sphinx
1 x Ennoia’s Theater
1 x Giant’s Blood
3 x Information Highway
1 x Monastery of Shadows
1 x Mundane
2 x Vessel
2 x Villein
1 x Wider View

Action (10)
7 x Govern the Unaligned
3 x Mind Rape

Political action (5)
1 x Ancilla Empowerment
2 x Kine Resources contested
1 x Reins of Power
1 x Vele’s Hunt

Action Modifier (16)
6 x Earth Control
4 x Forced March
5 x Instantaneous Transformation
1 x Seduction

Combat (16)
4 x Alpha Glint
1 x Bear’s Skin
1 x Claws of the Dead
3 x Earth Meld
6 x Form of the Mist
1 x Superior Mettle

Reaction (9)
7 x Deflection
1 x Guard Dogs
1 x Rat’s Warning

Event (1)
1 x The Fourth Cycle

Prince of Tikkurila, known as Teemu P in Lackey CCG
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10 Dec 2019 16:22 #98204 by Lönkka
Congrats to Tom!

Event approved.

Finnish :POT: Politics!
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