check TWD- Blood Hunt - Palma de Mallorca (07/12/2019)

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Blood Hunt
Palma, Mallorca, Spain
December, 7th of 2019
Álex Cortés Tournament Winning Deck with 2 Vps in the final:

Malki old
Kindred Spirits x16
Eyes of Chaos x8
Telepathic misdirection x5
Confusion x8
Mind tricks x4
Touch of clarity x3
Cloak the gathering x1
Faceless Night x3
Elder Impresonator x3
Veil of the legions x2
Lost in crowds x4
My enemy's Enemy x2
On the Qui Vive x4
Eyes of Argus x2
Swallowed by the night x3
Dreams of the Sphynx x2
Vessel x1
Sudden Reversal x2
Asylum Hunting Ground x1
Cassandra Langely, the Waif
Osric Vladislav
Apolonia Czarneki
Persephone Tar-Anis
Apache Jones
Bloody Mary
Hagar Stone
Arthur Denholm

:baal: Little Baali studying to become a true Baali someday.
Prince of Palma,Mallorca, Spain.
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