file Summer Rumble IV (ONLINE), 22.08.2020, Report and TWD

22 Aug 2020 21:22 #100579 by Hakuron
Summer Rumble IV (Online)
22nd of August 2020, 11:30 – 21:00
Standard Constructed
2 Rounds + Finals
13 Players

Winner: Lionel Panhaleux

Standings after 2 rounds:
1 Bram van Stappen 1 4,5 96 --- Auspex g45 Block
2 Alejandro Nava Ramirez 1 3 88 -- Ventrue feat. Mary Ann Blaire Grinder
3 Lionel Panhaleux 1 3 78 -- Gilrs will find Bleed
4 Jennifer Fuss 0 3 114 -- Guillaume Real Estate Toolbox
5 Jens Niemann 0 2,5 102 -- !Toreador Breed Vote

6 Rudolf Scholz 0 2 90
7 Simon Johansson 0 1,5 72
8 Igor Beslin 0 1 66
9 Richard Aumann 0 0,5 64
10 Tobias Guttenberger 0 0,5 54
11 Karl Schaefer 0 0 46
12 Jay Kristoff 0 0 36
13 Jordi Blanch 0 0 30

Seating Dance
Jenny > Jens
Jenny > Lionel > Jens
Jenny > Lionel > Alejandro > Jens
Jenny > Lionel > Alejandro > Bram > Jens

National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de

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24 Aug 2020 09:26 #100592 by lip
Finals report

The full game can be watched on Twitch .

I play first, with a good starting hand including The Parthenon, sadly immediately contested by Teylen. The first few turns are calm with everybody setting up and laying low, except Horus, who gets his !Toreador out and gets to work on Teylen.

Although Alex gets Mary Anne Blaire out and renders my Inner Circles useless for bleeding, I get Lucian, The Perfect out who's not affected.

Teylen finds no help on the table: I continue to contest The Parthenon, figuring I can get it back soon, gotcha does not block Horus' Kine Resources Contested and the Ventrue agrees to let the votes go through unopposed. I steal her Carlton Van Wyk with Entrancement, she gets ousted after 1h of play.

Gotcha gets Matasuntha and Massassi out, and is able to control Horus' !Toreador well enough. Scourge of the Enochians and Dragonbound hit the table, things are getting sour for the swarm deck. He gets ousted a few turns later, 1h45 into the game, by a twice-bounced bleed of mine. I use Golconda on Aksinya, as I figure gotcha won't bleed me enough for her to be useful at this point.

Alex makes a deal with gotcha, who saves him with two Eagle's Sight in exchange of taking me down first. I maximise the damage of my bleed, whomever they get bounced too. This fragilises gotcha's position and Alex finally gets fed up of doing nothing and try to go forward.

He is finally ousted, leading to a duel between gotcha and me, with only a handful of minutes remaining.

Having emptied my library and used the tablets to get all the stealth I could muster, I manage to get just enough bleed through the wall, gotcha plays it fair and quickly, leaving him at 3 pool with one minute for me, enough to get a bleed through and get the win.

--- Decklist

Deck Name: Girls Will Find IC
Author: Phoenix, from Jorge Delgado's

Nothing original, very close to Jorge Delgado's list from EC 2019.

I removed Giant's Blood as I find it's not so useful here and often a dead card, but it could be added. The Herald was instrumental in first round, but only goes into play if it can be useful against a swarm. I love having Archon Investigation as Aksinya's special tends to motivate the predator to bleed over 3.

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=9 max=11 avg=10.5)
1x Lucian, the Perfect 11 ANI AUS DOM OBF POT PRE Guruhi:4
1x Lutz von Hohenzollern 11 pot AUS DEM OBF PRE Malkavian:4
1x Rafael de Corazon 11 AUS CEL DOM OBF PRE Toreador:4
1x Adana de Sforza 11 aus CEL OBF POT PRE PRO Brujah:4
4x Aksinya Daclau 9 cel tha ANI FOR PRE PRO Gangrel antitribu:4
4x Cybele 10 ANI DAI OBF PRE SER THA Baali:4

Library: 77 cards

Master (49 cards)
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
1x Information Highway
1x Jake Washington
7x Liquidation
1x Archon Investigation
1x Metro Underground
1x Monastery of Shadows
2x Parthenon, The
15x Ashur Tablets
7x Villein
2x Wider View
7x Zillah's Valley
1x Coven, The
2x Dreams of the Sphinx

Action (4 cards)
2x Entrancement
2x Unleash Hell's Fury

Action Modifier (15 cards)
3x Elder Impersonation
3x Faceless Night
4x Into Thin Air
2x Spying Mission
3x Aire of Elation

Action Modifier/Combat (1 cards)
1x Swallowed by the Night

Combat (3 cards)
3x Majesty

Ally (1 cards)
1x Herald of Topheth

Reaction (3 cards)
1x Guard Dogs
1x Lost in Translation
1x Rat's Warning

Event (1 cards)
1x Scourge of the Enochians
The following user(s) said Thank You: Hakuron

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24 Aug 2020 12:18 - 24 Aug 2020 12:27 #100599 by Hakuron
Since often enough quite the opposite happens during tournaments, especially in the finals:

I would like to point out that gotcha = Bram van Stappen showed great sportsmanship, especially by not stalling with the time-out drawing nearer.
If he played just a bit slower in the last two turns of the heads-up, he would have won by better ranking due to time-out.
But he did not, and thus he allowed Phoenix' = Lionel Panhaleux' deck to perform the last minute oust.


National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de
Last edit: 24 Aug 2020 12:27 by Hakuron.

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24 Aug 2020 16:53 #100600 by Joscha
Yep, thank you Bram for this sportsmanlike behaviour. I think many of us witnessed already the other type of players, even or especially at big tournaments. This is rare. Thumbs up.

Baron of Frankfurt

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