check Origins - Friday 1 - October 1, 2021

04 Nov 2021 18:07 - 04 Apr 2022 10:11 #103784 by kschaefer
Origins - Friday 1
Columbus, Ohio
October 1, 2021
10 players
Karl Schaefer

-- 0 GW 1.5 VP + 2.5 VP in final

Deck Name: Balls of Stihl
Author: Darby Keeney and John Eno
Description: A dancing Imbued deck featuring Talbot's Chainsaw.

Mental mistakes cost games. In round one, I was blocked transferring equipment to Jennie, but my mental game state had that action succeed, so when I blocked with a one life Jennie two turns later the mistake leads to a burned Jennie. It's really hard to run this deck without her. 0 VPs in round one.

Round two wasn't shaping up to be any better. My prey was playing Lasombra and influenced Carolina Valez and Lord Leopold Valdemar in that order. Not being able to damage one of them and having to handle theft with the other was going to be problematic. My predator was playing Carna, but had to worry about Rachel Brandywine, leaving me some wiggle room. This allowed me to get some early powers into play. Late game I used Angel of Berlin to put Talbot's Chainsaw on Jennie. She rushed the famous Lord Leopold, dunking him. After unlocking with Vigilance, I was able to bleed with Strike/Second Sight to oust. Next turn with time running low, I land the ousting bleed on my new prey, but Carna decides to Eagle's Sight my ousting bleed. Instead of a game win, I end up with 1.5 VPs.

That's enough to sneak into the finals as 5th seed.
Ian Lee with Lasombra ->
Darby Keeney with Legacy of Pander ->
Alex Romano with Rachel Brandywine Madness Network ->
me ->
Mark Loughman with Carna

Darby gets the Information Highway in his opening hand and dumps 3 Pander on the table. Alex influences Zoe to help defend against the impending Pander horde. I drop counters on Travis and Mark begins influencing as well. Ian gets an early Zillah's Valley and brings a titled vampire into play before Darby has a chance to call any votes. Darby turns into a weenie bleed deck, calling occasional votes that Ian permits. Alex is behind on getting Rachel in play and needs to spend lots of time looking backwards. My ability to cut Mark's crypt (for the second time today) to hide Carna means that my early actions aren't blocked. I quickly get to three Imbued with Travis, Jennie, and Jack(?). I'm actually in a really good spot because of the pressure on Alex, who is floating around 3-4 pool. After an Unmasking, I get out two more Imbued about the time Darby transfers out. Alex still has to contend with Ian, but the pressure is less. I start having to deal with Alex's bleeds. After only the occasional forward action, Pentex floats into my hand. The time is now. I Pentex Carna and Strike/Second Sight my way through 9 pool. I am completely locked and Alex undoes most of the pool gain I received for my oust. Ian was low on pool because Dominate is pretty good, so as my new prey, I Strike/Second Sight my way through his 3 pool, grabbing another VP. Alex burns through my VP pool because I am again locked completely. On my next turn, I have 5 Imbued ready for Alex and am sitting on 14 pool. I have two Champions with 3 and 5 convictions respectively, Second Sight on every Imbued, and intercept powers and equipment on top of the Unmasking. I just need to make the last 15 minutes. With the Madness Network in play, I need to defend against 6 actions between my unlocks. I survive a turn, play Unity, use it to put two Angel of Berlin on top of my library. That will give me enough unlock to survive until time. After one more big effort by Alex, he concedes with a few minutes left on the clock.

Imbued get a lot of table hate and I did take some cross-table vote damage, but not too much in this game. The deck is very solid if you can get the setup right. Early blocks of powers, Travis's ability, and Inspire actions put you behind the curve. I was lucky to get most of my setup because of table dynamics. The deck is fun to play, but requires many, small, correct steps, like a Rube-Goldberg machine, before you're in a position to be truly successful.

Crypt (12 cards, min=14 max=20 avg=4.33)
3x Jennie "Cassie247" Orne 5 inn jud vis Visionary:4
3x Travis "Traveler72" Miller 5 mar def Martyr:4
2x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon 4 def jud Defender:4
1x Erick "Shophet125" Franco 4 inn jud Judge:4
1x Xian "DziDzat155" Quan 4 def inn Defender:4
1x François "Warden" Loehr 3 def jud Judge:4
1x Inez "Nurse216" Villagrande 3 inn Innocent:4

Library (71 cards)
Master (14)
5x Angel of Berlin
2x Church of Vindicated Faith, The
1x Direct Intervention
1x Fame
1x Fortschritt Library
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
1x Unity
1x Wider View

Conviction (22)
8x React with Conviction
7x Second Sight
7x Strike with Conviction

Ally (2)
1x Carlton Van Wyk
1x Vagabond Mystic

Equipment (12)
1x .44 Magnum
1x Crusader Sword, The
1x Flak Jacket
1x Heart of Nizchetus
1x Ivory Bow
1x Kevlar Vest
1x Laptop Computer
2x Leather Jacket
1x Sport Bike
2x Talbot's Chainsaw

Power (15)
2x Champion
2x Discern
1x Hide
2x Inspire
3x Rejuvenate
5x Vigilance

Reaction (1)
1x Determine

Event (5)
1x Dragonbound
2x Unmasking, The
1x Veil of Darkness
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04 Nov 2021 19:37 #103787 by El Setita Loco
how many players were there in the tournament?

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04 Nov 2021 20:22 #103788 by kschaefer
I don't know exactly 12-14. I need the Archon filed to be sure. We floated around those numbers for most of the WoN/Origins events this year.

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