check TWD - Praxis Seizure: Miami, Massa (Italy) (26 Jun 2022)

28 Jun 2022 08:00 - 29 Aug 2022 16:58 #105577 by Sm0k3rz
Praxis Seizure: Miami
Massa, Italy
June 26th 2022
2R + F
18 players
Davide Antoni

--2gw7 + 5vp in final

Deck Name: Banu Haquinator


Crypt (12 cards, min=17 max=36 avg=7.08)
4x Rebekah 9 AUS CEL DOM OBF QUI prince Banu Haqim:3
4x Yazid Tamari (ADV) 8 ani dom obf CEL QUI Banu Haqim:3
2x Layla bint-Nadr 5 qui CEL OBF Banu Haqim:4
1x Kamau Jafari 4 obf QUI Banu Haqim:4
1x Ali Kar 3 obf qui Banu Haqim:3

Library (90 cards)
Master (16)
1x Alamut
5x Haqim's Law: Retribution
1x Khabar: Community, The
1x Market Square
1x Perfectionist
1x Priority Contract
1x Underworld Hunting Ground
2x Vessel
2x Villein
1x Yoruba Shrine

Action (12)
12x Govern the Unaligned

Political Action (2)
2x Parity Shift

Action Modifier (10)
3x Cloak the Gathering
3x Elder Impersonation
4x Lost in Crowds

Action Modifier/Combat (7)
7x Swallowed by the Night

Reaction (14)
4x Black Sunrise
6x Deflection
4x Second Tradition: Domain

Combat (29)
7x Acrobatics
6x Sanguine Entrapment
6x Selective Silence
10x Taste of Death
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