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26 Aug 2022 19:09 - 29 Aug 2022 16:38 #106164 by Kraus
Thank you for the wait, and apologies for the delay!

All the VtES EC 2022 Helsinki Ropecon deck lists are now archived and accessible at our website:

All decks can be found on the front page, and event specific folders are located in each tournament's site.

We would like to remind you that this data highlights some of the most competitive VtES events, and such data bases have not been collected before, as far as we know. Collecting deck lists from any event, no matter how big or small, is both doable and manageable, and can be used for great effect.

For this project, all deck lists were collected at the start of each event from all participants. Vampire Database (VDB) was used to store them, as their Import tool is easy to use. Once collected and archived, they were exported into .txt form and stored to Dropbox.

We would love to see deck list archives from all events moving forward, and are eager to see what everyone is playing across the globe!

Thank you for great tournaments, great memories and great moments.


VtES EC 2022 crew

"Oh, to the Hades with the manners! He's a complete bastard, and calling him that insults bastards everywhere!"
-Nalia De-Arnise

Facebook @ VtES: Joensuu
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29 Aug 2022 06:51 #106177 by Joscha
You guys rock. !!!1!11

Baron of Frankfurt

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