lightbulb VDB's Tournament Analyze (Finnish Nationals 2023)

11 Dec 2023 10:53 - 26 Dec 2023 10:48 #110052 by Kraus
Thank you, Smeea, for some wonderful work with VDB's Tournament analyze function! For reference what the tool can do for you, the Finnish Nationals 2023 have now been uploaded:

@smeea will be able to tell you more of the functions, but essentially the tool hosts all the decklists of the tournament with parsed analysis (not just the tournament winning deck). This should be a great tool for anyone interested in analysis and analytics. For an added piece of convenience, the system is now easier to use with BCN Crisis, which seems to be a dominant tournament tool in Europe!

Would you like to help with the endeavour to collect deck list data from tournaments? You don't need to be a tournament organiser to help, anyone can chime in! Give me a message by email to learn more! :)
petrus dot makkonen at gmail dot com

Are you a content creator? Please feel free to use data on the Tournament Analyze and Vampire Tournament Archive!

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