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Thanks to everyone who attended the tournament.

15 Methuselahs, young and old, met up in the Christmas troll's cave to play a 3R+F tournament. All under the guidance of the reindeer of power, myself.

The tournament went very well. Congratulations to Karim who won with a Smiling Jack at 7 in 1 hour 39 minutes. The final was a close-run thing!

The prizes were distributed as follows:

A surprise Christmas starter for each GW.

In R1, a promo card of your choice for the first VP.
In R2, for the first player to send an opponent into torpor.
In R3, for the predator of the first player with 9 pool or less.

Plenty of cards for all players.

Khudz goes home with the lucky loser prize, a magnificent candy cane!

The finalists go home with vouchers and sleeves, and the winner gets a VTES Christmas bauble!

The finalists:

The winner:

The finalists:
1Sélim Ammouche27Guillaume Giovanni
2Axel HUET15.5Nosferatu primogen
3Karim Baloul15Weenie AUS
4Serge Cirri17Arishat + barons
5David Martinelli14DOM OBF Camarilla vote g2

The seating:

Karim > David
Karim > Axel > David
Karim > Axel > Serge > David
Karim > Axel > Selim> Serge > David

Transcript of the final :

David: Zillah's, discards Second Trad
K: Influences 2
A: Walker Grimes, influences 2
Sl: Parthenon, influences 4
Sr: Wider View, Anarch Railroad

D: influences
K: Aisling Sturbridge, discards Forced Awakening
A: asks Karim if he'd block Army of Rats, doesn't care, so not blocked. Larissa Moreira.
Sl: influences
Sr: Sergio Bueno

D: Leandro
K: Smiling Jack, Magic for Heart, brings out Zoë
A: pays 1 for transfers, Army of Rats, Warsaw. Larissa: Creeping with Warsaw. Walker bleeds for 1. Larissa: Kindred Intelligence. Baixinho
Sl: Pays 1 for transfers. PB: Savannah. Monastery, Wash from Serge. Guillaume Giovanni, discard Vessel.
Serg: Pays 1 for transfers. Villein 5 on Serio. Serge counts the votes. Sergio bleeds for 1. Taken (15). Influe 4 (16).

D: Villein 5 on Leandro. Distant Friend on Sergio Bueno. Influe 4. Leandro unlocks.
K: Pays 1 for transfers. Smiling => 1. Uses Heart. Aisling MotS for Invory Bow. Zoë bleeds for 1. Rats Warning, blocks Larissa. Concealed .44 from Zoe. Long, Aid from Bats to go back to close. 1 in TV, cancelled by Aid+Carrion. Hit 2, hit 1, Zoe's tastes. Influe 1, Isabel de Leon (12 pool).
A: Pays 1 for transfers. Pays Smiling with blood Baxhino. Selim loses 2 (13). Wider View. Anarch Troublemaker. Larissa Camera phone in Warsaw. Walker bleed for 1. No block (12). Baixinho bleeds for 1. Taken (11). Larissa bleede with Camera Phone. No blocks (9 pool). PROMO CARD!
Seli: Pays 1 for transfers. 1 blood for SJ. Vessel. Perfectionist. Dummy Corp. 7 pool. Nocturn, paid by Perfectionist. Nocturn burns Creeping. Guillaume burns Army of Rats. FBI (7).
Sr: Pays 1 for transfers (21). 1SJ with blood Sergio. Ferraille. Arishat (17 pool).

D: Leandro pays 1 of the SJ. Brings out Marcus Vitel g3. 12 pool.
K: Pays 1 for transfers. SJ => 2. Uses Heart. Information Highway. Zoe bleeds for 1. Taken (9 pool). Isabel and Aisling ditto (7 pool). Maldavis (ADV). 6 pool.
A: Pays 1 for transfers. 2 SJ in blood. Axel doesn't want to take care of the SJ, his prey is at 7. Axel asks permission for JS Simmons. Warsaw attempt despite Karim's negative response. TT for 1 intercept, Cloak the Gathering. Successful. Walker bleeds for 1. OtQV Nocturn. Blocked. Hit 1, but FBI sends Walker Grimes into torpor. PROMO CARD! Bleeds 2 with Baxhino, taken (5). Larissa bleeds for 2, no block. +1 with Larissa's special, reduced by 2 with Dummy Corporation. 3 pool.
Selim: Pays 1 for transfers. 2 SJ with blood. Recovers pool with Vessel. Wider View (3 pool). Filchware. The Line. Guillaume makes a Nocturn with The Line. Wins 1 Perfectionist. Govern down. Not blocked. Influences 1, brings out Sennadurek. Discards Bonding.
Sr: Pays 1 for transfers. 1 blood 1 pool for SJ. Sergio Kine. Axel negotiates 1 pool damage on Selim who is at 2 pool. Serge counts the votes. 3 on David, 1 on Serge. Axel votes against, so does David. Arishat cancels Leando's votes, falling by zero. Serge uses Ferraille. Protected District for 3 against, still failing. Red Jacques comes out. 10 pool.

D: SJ 2 times 1 blood. Villein 5 on Marcus (17 pool). David would like to call a vote, but Axel asks for 1 pool damage on Selim. A heated discussion ensues. Leandro ends up calling a KRC. Maldavis tries to block with TT, Forgotten Lab. Karim 3, Selim 1. Closed Session. 9 for. Pass. Karim 3, Selim 1. Cryptic Rider. Marcus calls a KRC. Maldavis TT to block. No stealth. Blocked. Concealed on Sniper (Karim 1 pool). Strike 2R with TV vs Majesty sup. Tastes for nothing from Maldavis. Bleed 1 from Marcus. Forced Awakening by Zoe. Blocked. 2R vs Majesty sup. Defeats Villein.
K: does not pay for Leandro. Vessel for 1 pool which goes to SJ => 3. Uses Heart. Plays PB Montreal. Maldavis equips herself with a Bowl. 2nd Trad from Marcus. Majesty sup from Marcus (1 blood).
Axel: Pays 1 for transfers. Gains 1 from the Edge. 1 pool + 2 blood for SJ. Labyrinth. Dowager bleed for 1. Block attempt, 2 stealth. TT from Sennadurek on Serge. Bait and Switch on David (11 pool). Bleed 2 Baixinho, tries to block with Nocturn, 1 stealth Laby. Deflection on Serge (7 pool). Larissa bleeds for 3 by discarding an ani card, Nocturn blocks. Goes to torpor because of the FBI. Warsaw burns to rescue Larissa. Burns Wider View (10 pool). Discards Laby.
Sl: Vessel to regain 1. 3 blood for SJ. Pays 1 for transfers. (1 pool). Sennadurek bleeds Gtu with the Line. Tries to block with Arishat. Call of the Hungry Dead -1 intercept, Serge drops to 5. Draws "an interesting card". Guillaume bleeds Gtu. Arishat tries to block. Shroud. Plays Foreshadowing (the interesting card) and ousts Serge. 1 VP. Selim goes back to 7 pool. Burns Wider View. 9 pool. Discards Sudario.
Serge: XXX

D: Pays 3 pool Smiling. Marcus calls KRC. Isabel MEE for 1 intercept, Lost in Crowds. Terms: Karim 1 and Selim 3. Karim delays. Discards Elder Kindred Network. Marcus (1 blood) hunts. Zoe blocks with Eagle Sight. Marcus goes to torpor. Discards Kine.
K: Vessel for SJ => 4. Uses Heart. Blood Doll Zoe, get back 1 (2 pool). Hunts Aisling. Bleed Zoe, wakes, reduced by 3. Isabel bleeds 1. Larissa OTV, reduced by 3.
A: 4 pool SJ (6 pool). Axel proposes a rescue of Marcus against a vote on Selim. Larissa hunts first. Block attempt with Eagle Sight, more stealth. Then rescues Marcus. No block. Baixinho bleeds 2. Deflect on David. Does not block. David is down to 11. Selim looks at his hand with Sennadurek. Interesting: Forgotten and two Carrion, no wakes.
Sl: Asks Karim what he wants to do with the Smiling Jack. Karim wants to defend it at all cost. Pays 1 from Guillaume and 3 pool for SJ (6 pool). Charisma on Guillaume. Vessel on Sennadurek (5 pool). Karim offers him to steal Montreal if he wants. Barrens, discards Shambling with. Guillaume Nocturn. Costs 0, gains 1 from the Perfectionist. Selim is tempted into stealing the PB, but finally bleeds into Gtu with The Line. Leandro tries to block. Call for -1 intercept. No increase, David is down to 8. (Marcus 0 blood, Leandro 2, a bleed for 6 would be enough...). Guillaume remains unlocked. Discards Secure Haven (5 pool).

D: SJ => 4 pool. Marcus hunts, no block. 44 minutes remaining. Leandro Kine. Maldavis MEE. Lost in Crowds, Direct Intervention from Karim (1 pool), blocked. Strike 2R Leandro empty. Sabbat Threat discarded.
K: Vessel pays SJ => 5. Uses Heart. Blood Doll, back to 2 pool. Aisling hunts. Bleed for 1, not blocked. Three times. Axel at 3 pool.
Axel dies because of the SJ. Karim (1 VP) is at 8 pool.
Selim: asks David what happens if he tries to burn SJ. Nothing conclusive. SJ pays 1 from Guillaume (2 blood), and 4 pool (1 left). Does not pay for transfers :) Barrens discards Far Mastery. Contests Info Highway. Metro Underground. Guillaume Nocturn, no block. Gains 1 Perfectionist. Guillaume tries to break the SJ. Isable otqv.
Shroud for +1 stealth. TT for 1 'cept. Spectral +1 stealth. Eyes for +2 intercept. Call to make the block fail. Maldavis plays Forced + Eyes of Argus. Blocked, range set, combat ends with Shroud of Absence. Sennadurek tries to burn SJ, Maldavis otqv, blocked, PB Savannah. Discards deflection.

D: is ousted by SJ. Selim 7 pool.
K: pays contest with Edge. Vessel pays for SJ => 6. Uses Heart. Plays Dreams (6 pool) for 2 cards. Pays 1 to call a new vampire. Discards Delaying, discards Blood Dool and Target.
Sl: SJ pays 1 blood from Guillaume and Senn + 4 pool. Does not pay for the contest. Barrens to discard Deflection. Giant's Blood on empty Guillaume. PB Cap Verde. Sudario on Call and some stealth, tries to block, stealt + block fails, DI to cancel that. Lock PB Savannah to end the fight. Discards Parthenon.

Karim: pays SJ with Edge => 7. +2 hand size, activates Heart. Maldavis hunts. Zoe steals PB Savannah. PB Montreal, retro 2. 6 pool.
Sl: Guillaume pays 5, + 2 pool for SJ. Jake. Dis Pater. Discards Deflection with Barrens. Nocturn Maldavis Forced + 2 cept, Selim concedes.

Karim GW3. Selim 2VP.
21 minutes remaining.

Final standings:
Final RankNamePrelim GWsPrelim VPsFinal VPsTPs
1Karim Baloul153150
2Axel HUET15.50138
2Sélim Ammouche272138
2Serge Cirri170156
2David Martinelli140120
6Ambre Lefavrais02.5126
7Daniel UJHELJI-VARGA02114
8Rémi Lefavrais01.5108
8Pauline PIETRZAK01.5108
10Olivier JANIN0196
11Eric VERNEAU0190
12Edouard Menneson0172
13Christophe Bolo00.578
14Tom Langaret0066
15Guillaume COUTEAU0060

Prince of Paris, France
Ratings Coordinator, Rules Director
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