check TWD - Esquenta para o Piauiense 2024

21 Jan 2024 23:06 - 02 Feb 2024 20:52 #110440 by DavidR
Name of Event: Esquenta para o Piauiense 2024
Location of Event: Teresina, Brazil
Date of event: January 21th, 2024
10 players
Pedro Santana de Araújo Filho

Deck Name: Ministro chupista
Author: Pedro Santana
Description: [2024-01-20]

Crypt (12 cards, min=21 max=32 avg=6.67)
2x Nonu Dis 8 OBF PRE PRO for Ministry:6
2x Sergio Bueno 8 OBF PRE PRO aus pot baron Ministry:6
3x Vivian VI 7 PRE PRO obf tha baron Ministry:6
2x Elisha Tucker 6 PRE cel obf pro baron Ministry:6
1x Crystal Lynn 6 OBF PRE PRO Ministry:6
1x Jenny Silver 5 PRE PRO obf Ministry:6
1x Marcel 4 obf pre pro Ministry:6

Library (89 cards)
Master (17; 4 trifle)
1x Carfax Abbey
1x Club Illusion
1x Opium Den
4x Dabbler
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Anarch Railroad
1x Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
1x Giant's Blood
1x Sudden Reversal
4x Villein

Action (19)
1x Heart of the City
16x The Platinum Protocol
2x Public Trust

Ally (1)
1x Saatet-ta

Action Modifier (20)
4x Faceless Night
6x Enchanting Gaze
10x Revelation of the Serpent

Action Modifier/Reaction (4)
4x Form Of The Bat

Reaction (18)
6x Party Out Of Bounds
6x Bait and Switch
2x On the Qui Vive
4x Organized Resistance

Combat (10)
4x Earth Meld
6x Form of Mist

David Resende - Archbishop of Teresina
:sabbat::laso: :ani::pre::POT::DOM::OBT::cap8:
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