check TWD - Baron's Bloody Party - Itaquaquecetuba, Brasil February 18, 2024

24 Feb 2024 21:10 - 14 Mar 2024 07:04 #110776 by Handal
Baron's Bloody Party
Itaquaquecetuba, Brasil
February 18, 2024
12 players
Winner: Felipe Oliveira de Melo

2 GW 7VP with 1,5VP in the Final

Deck Name: Brujah 100 Debate
Created by: Felipe Oliveira de Melo

Brujah V5 Combat & Bleed and without Brujah Debate

Crypt (12 cards, min=20 max=32 avg=6.67)
2x Aline Gädeke 7 POT PRE cel baron Brujah:6
2x Elen Kamjian 4 CEL POT Brujah:6
2x Saku Pihlajamäki 8 CEL POT PRE for pro baron Brujah:6
2x Theo Bell 8 CEL POT PRE aus dom Brujah:6
2x Valeriya Zinovieva 7 POT cel pre pro baron Brujah:6
1x Atiena 6 CEL obf pot pre baron Brujah:6
1x Octane 6 CEL POT PRE Brujah:6

Library (89 cards)
Master (16; 4 trifle)
1x Anarch Free Press, The
1x Carfax Abbey
1x Club Illusion
2x Fame
1x Frontal Assault
2x Guardian Angel
1x New Carthage
2x Sudden Reversal
4x Villein
1x Warzone Hunting Ground

Action (12)
12x Line Brawl

Political Action (1)
1x Anarchist Uprising

Action Modifier (2)
2x Monkey Wrench

Action Modifier/Combat (4)
4x Resist Earth's Grasp

Reaction (18)
6x Bait and Switch
2x On the Qui Vive
6x Organized Resistance
4x Protection Racket

Combat (36)
3x Bollix
2x Disarm
6x Dust Up
1x Fast Hands
7x Immortal Grapple
6x Quickness
4x Taste of Vitae
7x Torn Signpost

Baron Cleber (Tiozão) - VEKN ID - 7060026
Baron of Itaquaquecetuba - Prince ID: 583
:anarch::ass: :QUI: :CEL: :obf: :THA: :cap8:
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