file The dark gift, a way to make mortals to embrace the beast within

20 Jul 2013 03:41 #51896 by Jannu
:action: The dark gift 1 :pool:
Requires a non-sterile vampire.
Put this card on any mortal ally. That ally loses all life it has and becomes 1- capacity vampire with zero blood. That new vampire is considered independent Caitiff :cait: .

I was thinking that this game should have a card to make humans to turn into vampires. It would be logical, eh?

Few things I considered:
1. Should this be +1 Stealth action? I think not, because atacking a human wouldn be so discreet unles you really worked for it.
2. I was thinking that the new vampire should not be the Clan of the acting vampire as this can be used against other metuselahs. The new vampire could possibly be outcast as it's sire wouldn't be there to guide him/her.
3. Is this too strong against the Imbued? It might be, I really don't know.
4. Should there be a clause saying the new vampire is unique? Or is it unique already as all vampires are unique unless otherwise stated?

:POT: Potence, if it doesn't work, you just aren't using enough :POT:

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20 Jul 2013 05:40 #51897 by Ohlmann
It's mainly that imbued have protection against being embraced (IIRC, they just die, like do a significant bunch of human when embraced)

Also, camarilla vampire would be strongly against that, and even sabbat vampire would not do that without a very good reason. If the ally is troublesome before embrace, he will still be after embrace, and will have new power to trouble you with.

Lastly, embracing him should not be easier than beating him into a pulp, since you need to restraint him to embrace him, at the very last. Since VtES vampire cannot take a directed action to burn any mortal without combat, I don't really see why they should be able to embrace them without combat.

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20 Jul 2013 07:31 #51900 by porphyrion
(cheap) allies with built-in dodge/prevent become way better than all the others, read: Carlton/Mylan... this seems a bit too coincidental for my taste, though the idea of Abomination/Embrace/Pressing Flesh etc all have great appeal IMO (even if, like Abomination, they are neigh unplayable, they add flavor to the game). the allies without dodge are sent off to torpor as bloodless 1-caps after trying to hunt (loosing their original amount of life is a big minus) though they would gain bleed capability if they survive the hunt.

a Pentweret-style embrace (as Ohlmann could hint at) perhaps is more appropriate?
alternative ways to interat with Allies (Imbued) are grezatly needed as Entrancement dates from a time with mostly crap (and very few) allies.

Pentweret. 9-cap:fose:
Independent: When in combat at close range with an ally that costs less than 4 blood or pool or a vampire with capacity less than 4, Pentweret may give you control of that minion as a strike that costs 2 blood.

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