file [Submission] Infectious Madness

18 Aug 2015 18:18 - 18 Aug 2015 20:26 #72593 by Serazahr
Name: Infectious Madness
Cardtype: Action :action:
Cost: -
Discipline: Dementation
:dem: (d) Put this card on any vampire and choose a card requiring Dementation in play on another vampire. This card becomes a copy of the chosen card, played at the same level, with the additional text: "Burn this card when any card with the same name leaves play."
:DEM: As above, but this action is at +1 stealth.

Flavor text:
"Madness, like a virus, spreads uncontrollably if left unchecked."

Art notes:
Two vampires having a tea party. One of them, wearing a green top hat, is pouring blood into the other vampires cup. A blond mortal girl in a light blue dress is hunched over the table, between the two vampires, bleeding out of multiple wounds onto the table, soaking the table cloth.

World of Darkness reference:
Many Vampires fear that prolonged exposure to Malkavians or users of Dementation in general can cause some of that madness to rub off onto them. Well seems like it just might.

How does this card address a compelling game need?:
The good Dementation "Put this card on"-type cards (e.g. Prison of the Mind) have the problem that their are much too expensive. This card allows a Dementation/Malkavian deck to dish out good lock-down around the table for a reduced cost, but with a higher volatility as a trade-off.

Furthermore you can give vampires without Dementation the benefits of Dive into Madness and Blessing of Chaos, even vampires controlled by other Methusalah. Diablerie or burning of any vampire with e.g. Blessing of Chaos will remove all Infectious Madness copying it.

This card only takes from vampires and gives it to other vampires in order to prevent copying inferior Restructure onto vampires, giving allies Dive into Madness and to reduce possible conflicts later on.
Given that this card ceases to remain a Infectious Madness once in play, weird chaining effects should be impossible. This also prevents from stacking illegally card with "can only have one X" trait as the moment Infectious Madness becomes that same card it burns.

Created by: Khaled Naib
Last edit: 18 Aug 2015 20:26 by Serazahr.

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