file Submission: Gangrenous Necrosis

14 Apr 2016 20:26 #76435 by drstrange26
Name: Gangrenous Necrosis
Cardtype: Combat
Cost: 1 Blood
Capacity: NA
Discipline: Thanatosis
(Card text)
Only usable at the end of a round of combat in which this vampire successfully inflicted damage on the opposing vampire at close range. Put this card on the opposing vampire. Only one Gangrenous Necrosis can be played per combat.

thn: Put X pathos counters on this vampire where X is the number of combat cards played by the opposing vampire.
During this controller's untap phase, burn 1 pathos counter.
Move the vampire to torpor if it has no pathos counters.

THN: As above, and the minion with this card cannot play cards that require any Disciplines as long as they have a pathos counter.

Flavor text:
"Even the elders wither away given time"
Baron Samedi

Art notes:
Picture of a beautiful female who has a green aura and who has started to decay.

World of Darkness reference:
How does this card address a compelling game need?:
Samedi need a stronger combat card to boost there combat abilities
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