file serpentis card - 2 submissions: asp tongue and serpent gaze

20 Dec 2016 08:02 #79618 by direwolf
Considering "Weighted Walking Stick" and "Target: Vitals" are the golden standard of combat cards I would suggest the following:

"Venom Fangs"
2 :blood:
A vampire may only have one Venom Fangs.
:ser: Put this card on this vampire with two venom counters. This vampire deals an additional damage to mortal minions and retainers. This vampire may burn a venom counter to make her hand damage aggravated for this round. Burn this card when it has no counters.
:SER: As above, and when this minion deals damage in combat he or she gains a blood or life.

:tore: :pre: :tem: :aus: Independent Futurist. Contrarian (titled, X votes where X is the number of votes as the acting minion.) Target Vitals is always the better combat card.

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