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mirrdes, currently there are no out-of-turn trifles, with good reason. Gaining a master phase action from a trifle only happens during your master phase. If you want to bend/break/change rule or precedent please explain your reasoning.

I don't understand what you're trying to say here. There are currently 3 master out of turn trifles in the game:

Two Wrongs
Subdued by the Blood (which is in the same space of interfering with diablerie)

And the rulebook has a specific sentence about how these are handled:

For an out-of-turn trifle, she gains a master phase action in her next master phase.

I don't see how this card is changing the rules.

Okay, I stand corrected. I think that out-of-turn trifle is not a desirable design, but there is precedent. As you were.

:tore: :pre: :tem: :aus: Independent Futurist. Contrarian (titled, X votes where X is the number of votes as the acting minion.) Target Vitals is always the better combat card.

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