file Submission: Alvusia's Womb

25 Oct 2018 21:30 - 25 Oct 2018 21:31 #91490 by GreyB
Name: Alvusia's Womb
Cardtype: Master
Cost: 1 pool
Clan: Tremere / Tremere Antitribu
Master, location, unique
Any Tremere or Tremere Antitribu you control can take a +1 stealth action to burn and put X blood on Alvusia's Womb. Lock during your influence phase to move X counters from this card onto a Slave Gargoyle in your uncontrolled region.

Flavor text:
Who knows what foul beasts those Tremere conjure up in their darkest dungeons.

Art notes:
Medieval tapestry art style: Alvusia, a huge demon like gargoyle in a dark dungeon; eating vampires whilst birthing gargoyles.

World of Darkness reference:
Alvusia, the 12 foot tall Gargoyle the Tremere used to create Gargoyles.

How does this card address a compelling game need?:
Traditional means of acceleration are useless, your (!)tremere's are usually lower capacity than your Gargoyles so no governs. And if there ever was a deck that needed accelleration it's high capacity slave gargoyles, since you need a 2nd vamp with incompatible disciplines on the table to even perform directed actions. It's either the slowest wall deck or slowest bruise and bleed deck, neither of which will impress in competitive games.

Created by: me

:garg: :VIS: :POT: :FOR: :flight: -1 Strength
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26 Oct 2018 04:25 #91504 by ReverendRevolver
Slaves don't need more help.

The non slave gargoyles need crypt an library support. Until Alabastrom, the flat out best Gargoyle crypt card specials were on slaves.

But more importantly:
Have you met Tupdogs? That's the single strongest Gargoyles strategy there is. !Tremere own the monopoly on it. Virsitania like stuff or V5 Carnas rebellion stuff where Tremere are liberators to turn slaves non slave is how to help slave gargoyles.

Above that possibly is that !Tremere taking an action to move blood to an uncontrolled Shmuck at a 1:1 ratio means something is wrong: you could just use :DOM: to move to younger minion st 1:3 or 0:2 ratio. If you're looking for Kamut style moves, seems wasteful.
Slaves got plenty of support in LK, just need more Tremere/!Tremere in g6 to flourish.

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