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20 Mar 2020 19:03 #99399 by Whisker
political magic was created by Whisker
Inspired by recent thread by Ankha I began wondering how could tremere blood magic affect voting. Here are two cards I came up with.

Name: Heavy words
Type: Action modifier
Only usable during referendum before any votes are cast.
Tha: Vampires must burn a blood to cast any votes against this referendum.
THA: As above and gain 1 vote during the referendum
“It’s an easy ritual, you simply hide the spell by silently intoning into the pauses of your oration and loudly stress the word you don’t want them using.” –Erza Hawthorne, Tremere

Name: Bind the frivolous tongues
Type: Action
+2 stealth
Tha: D choose a minion. Put a hex counter on minion. A minion with hex counter must burn a blood or life for each hex counter they have to cast any votes or ballots during a referendum. A minion may lock and abstain during a referendum to burn a hex counter they have.
THA: As above, but choose two minions.

Compelling game need: Not really, but blood denial / voter supression is somewhat unexplored terretory.
WoD source: None that I'm aware of, but I could easily see casting curses to affect opposing voters to fall under thaumathurgy's purview.

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21 Mar 2020 00:41 - 21 Mar 2020 00:45 #99401 by Kiddo
Replied by Kiddo on topic political magic
As I may have mentioned before, I don't think cards like those are needed for Tremeres/!Tremeres or THA users. The one thing that politically inclined Tremeres/!Tremeres do not have a problem with is having votes to pass their political actions. You have a plethora of votes, on top of Orlando's ability, which combines with Gerald's. Also you have, depending on your needs, Telepathic Vote Counting, PB: Mardid and Close Session/Private Audience...

What they do lack is: a) reliable stealth, b) meaningful or perhaps just original political actions and c) payoff for passing those politics, in a way Voter does.

I'm not saying that Tremeres/!Tremeres should have all of those things, but I'd settle for two out of four (votes/stealth/politics/payoff).

Cards you suggest are more suited to political clans without inherent titles, like Daughters - and they do have it, in Madrigal, Echo of Harmonies and Benefit Performance.
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