file Imbued Virtues - Update symbols to include color

16 May 2020 04:00 #99842 by VGGuru
When playing or playing against an imbued deck for the first time I found it difficult to identify the Virtues. The symbols all look very similar upon initial glance. It is very easy to make a mistake and play a card requiring a Virtue that an Imbued doesn't have.

I never found this to be a problem with disciplines because they are symbols that reflect the discipline in some way.

My suggestion to assist players with quickly identifying a Virtue is to just add a color to each one. The symbol doesn't have to change, but adding color somewhere to it would help considerably. I made a quick update to the Virtues symbols as an example of the idea.

I wouldn't be opposed to seeing colors added to the Disciplines as well, but I think those are less of an issue than the Virtues. When you have a player sitting across table and you are trying to see what Virtue an Imbued has they all pretty much look like a Circle with an X or + in them.

One discipline shouldn't be able to do everything.
"and when everyones super, no one will be" - Syndrome

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