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20 Jul 2020 07:03 - 21 Jul 2020 23:47 #100388 by snegiem
Suspire was created by snegiem
Reaction card
Only usable by a vampire.
Put this card on this reacting vampire.
This vampire spends x bloods to reduce a pool loss by x on any player.
Any player may remove a golconda from his hand or ash heap to remove the vampire with suspire from the game at any time.
Only one suspire may be played in a game.

Illustration: a vampire protecting someone with his body

Wod reference: suspire was the ultimate trial for golconda.

Game need: card allowing more crosstable actions, close in some respect to life boon but with other gain/loss dispatch.
+ Allow another defense card more versatile than a delayed tactics or a deflection but more limited too as it requires a ready vampire with blood and as it can ve played only once per game.
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