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The beaconing
Event. Gehenna.
Do not replace this card until burned.
Any sabbat vampire can enter combat with an older vampire as a d action which costs one blood.
Sabbat vampires can attempt bleed at a cost of 1 bloof any methuselah, who controls a vampire older than the acting vampire.
Burn this card when a methuselah is ousted.

Wod reference: the beaconing is the attraction of the vampires and the majority of the sabbat to the middle east by probably the antediluvians so the area becomes a fighting and conflict area.

Game need: this generic card would allow several things:
- weenie decks as palla grande are powerful but aranthebes and scourge gave them a strong stop. This card would give them a negociation tool in addition but not raw power and impact would be lessened by the one blood cost.
- hermanas may benefit from this tool and may compensate in some way the loss of lilith blessing.
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