file Awaken the Homuncular Servant

24 Jul 2020 16:39 - 24 Jul 2020 16:46 #100428 by Ratadin
Name: Awaken the Homuncular Servant
Cardtype: Reaction
Cost: 1 Blood
Discipline: Oblivion
Only usable during a bleed action against you.
BASIC: +1 Intercept
ADV: As above, and if this block attempt fails, this minion can lock after blocks are declined to change the target of the bleed to another Methuselah other than the acting minion's controller (that Methuselah can attempt to block).

Art notes: A red-eyed vampire in the front out of focus. On the background, a hand walks over a shelve

World of Darkness reference
: One of the ceremonies of oblivion is using body parts or undead animals as spies, and probably to meddle lightly into other vampires affairs.

How does this card address a compelling game need?: The idea of the card is to provide a bouncing mechanic for a discipline that lack it, but being a bit more difficult to use than plain dominate or auspex. This cards cannot be used to bounce while waking as locking is a cost, so it would work better on a unlocking-heavy deck, for instance one using fortitude instead of auspex. This will give a subsection of the Hecata, the Descendants of the Baron, a way to defend themselves, which paired with the probably existant but very limited blocking mechanics that oblivion could have (I'm thinking of what both necromancy and obtenebration are doing right now as an example), could create a "clan" or deck archetype with very costly, limited blocking options that accompany a different mechanic, like for instance combat. This card could be specially relevant on combat decks, as this card requires you to attempt to block, which some bleed decks will take advantage of by actually being blocked and then using CE mechanics to tap your vampire, or to even continue with the action.

This card doesn't help either the dominate nor the auspex using parts of the hecata, as they have better ways to wake and deflect than to unlock.

This card could also be moved to any other discipline (as oblivion isn't developed yet). For instance, a discipline like Protean could work with this, as it has some limited intercept sources, and usually access to fortitude, but having access to animalism could make this card too powerful. If bloodlines disciplines were to be considered, Visceratika could work, as could also melphominee (maybe dropping the blood cost as this card requires the vampire to attempt to block and daughters have intrinsic problems with this).
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24 Jul 2020 17:19 #100429 by kschaefer
This is interesting; I like the vampire being forced to attempt to block and only allowing the bounce if that block fails.

It's never going to bate an action modifier, except maybe Bonding or Confusion though. Which means you're still likely to have big bleed coming at you from other minions this turn.

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