file Card Submission: Preparing for the Ball

25 Nov 2022 19:21 #106875 by Orpheus
Name: Preparing for the Ball
Cardtype: Unique Master
Cost: 1 pool
Clan: Toreador

Put this card in play.
Cards that require Toreador cost 1 less pool.
If you used only 1 Master Phase this turn, you can put a Master card requiring Toreador in play during your Discard phase (pay cost as normal).

Flavor text:
"I will take all the time I need, but I will be the queen of the Ball!!

Victoria Ash"

Variants: it could be a political action, but would then be limited to some types of decks. The timing for the second card could be after the Master Phase, but then maybe make it more expensive? Give the option tu burn it?

How does this card address a compelling game need?:
Currently, the Toreador clan has very few competitive options. Aching Beauty decks are tempting but have always proven to be too expensive. This could soften the blow. The second part of the card is also an incentive to play other crypts than Anson ones, as it isn't cumulative with his ability.

Created by: Orpheus

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20 Dec 2022 07:58 #107086 by lip
Love the idea. The last parenthesis (pay cost as normal) could be misconstrued as a hint that the cost of that additional master is not reduced, though.

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