file [Submission] Anarch Squabbling / non-anarch balance attempt

24 Apr 2023 14:02 #107911 by nedleeds
Name: Anarch Squabbling
Cardtype: Master
Cost: 1 pool

Requires a titled non-Anarch vampire.
Put this card in play. Cards requiring Anarch cost Anarchs 1 additional blood. Any Anarch can burn this card as a Ⓓ action that inflicts 1 unpreventable environmental damage on acting vampires.

Flavor text: "But as soon as each crisis abated, the Anarchs returned to petty squabbling."

Art notes: Perhaps something akin to the Berlin wall falling, or Jeremy Macneil overlooking an anarch riot, with a look of discontent at what the free state had become.

World of Darkness reference: This reflect the post berlin wall fall era (the revolutionary council had basically dissolved itself and left the kindred of Los Angeles to rule themselves ). Things quickly fell apart and Jeremy Macneil wondered what went wrong.

LA By Night, Anarchs Unbound

How does this card address a compelling game need?: A narrow but punishing card to balance the purpose built anarch power cards that are (once good vamps with properly aligned disciplines were made) arguably too 'easy'. Examples are Platinum Protocol, Diversion, Crimethinc, and others which once you have good vamps printed in the disciplines obsolete a dozen other cards. The title requirement means it can't come out that fast. The unique aspect means you can't spam it. Obviously it's totally useless against non-anarch decks and thus is already a bit of a gamble. Also obvious but it means you can't play anarchs and thus lose access to many insane cards. Hitting cards and not actions means Anarchs with inborn abilities don't suffer, and it doesn't affect going anarch for the most part (Convert, Twilight Camp, etc.). Almost a companion or mirror to Anarch Revolt.

Created by: Sean O'Brien (Prince of Atlanta)
The following user(s) said Thank You: ur_vampire

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