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05 Apr 2024 15:15 #111110 by snegiem
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Nickolas "sweetie pepper": i see what you mean... i thought that the impact on the controler as well would be enough : s
specially as i consider the timing: if Nickolas hits the table first, then people will avoid to play locations and equipment or just play some for free or several for free in a turn to avoid losing too much.
if he hits the table late, people will have to choose whether their forecasted yield on monastery of shadow is worth.
i have to think about it again.

Ivan Kuthka: I had the opposite reflexion, like a little vampire (with only 2 bloods) has more chance to get stomped however it is true that so far younger primogen is cap 4. so let s adjust that.

Lilia Hawkins « Leah » : her drawback is maybe indeed too "narrow". I wanted to show that she still had a very high humanity and was still unable to kill. I change it to: "Allies with 1 life are immune to damage from Lilia. Lilia cannot commit diablerie"

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