file Lost Blood Sisters: Card preview analysis

10 May 2018 22:16 #86748 by GreyB

Other than that, Achilles does seem pretty bad.

Hmm, I've had plenty of times where I've had all my prey's vamp's in torpor' and could only bleed slowly, something like Achilles Heel would've helped a great deal. Also, you still control it while in play, so you can defend it.

I guess we'll see when it gets played ;) (or not)

:garg: :VIS: :POT: :FOR: :flight: -1 Strength

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11 May 2018 02:15 #86754 by ReverendRevolver
I remember thinking certain cards would be more game breaking than they ended up being (superior shadow boxing comes to mind) and thinking some cards would fit playstyle but be ignored by most players (field training).

Every card In This set adds something of a varying scale to the bloodline.

Do :bbro: get another Opugnant Night? No. But the DT seems to have given 3 clans with some degree of combat stuff some way to capitalize on being able to Torp other people's vamps .

Everyone has stated weaknesses to patch for these bloodlines, and :bbro: :same: !salu! Had parts addressed (2 needed bleed pressure, one needed combat help) .
Every BB circle can benefit from AHeel, it works with fame, goes on a torpid vamp, works with Elvis, and costs less than it could.

Theme dilution isn't as problematic if many clans have a Similar way to get a similar benefit with a different delivery system and set up. Looks like a success.

Until it ousts me, then it's a problem.......

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