file Brazilians, How Do You Promote VTES?

23 Jul 2018 07:18 #89215 by Lönkka
Like Snodig and KzArashi mentioned, personal effort and involvement is the way to grow the game. A lot of hard work. Constantly.

Like KzArashi said, as you get older you tend you have less free time in your hands. As life has a habit of interfering.

In my experience younger Princes especially in universities have a very good chance of recruiting sizeable crowd of new players. Happened with Raymond in Turku years ago (they used to have up to three weekly game nights there for a longest of time, making the city the world's VTES capitol IMHO. Also Raymond organized 50 Crusade Turku tournaments during the years. Fifty! MUCH RESPECT!). Also happened with Kraus in Joensuu (and is still kinda happening even when he moved to be only the power behind the throne of the current Prince, Khormag). University cities are a good place to push the game and it sure works better if the Prince is still studying in the university.

Heck, Petri, who has organized the big Finnish Ropecon tournament for already 22 times (?) also used to teach the game to basically everybody including his little sister, mom, all the other narrators of the decade spanning Vampire LARP in Helsinki, etc

Just to mention a few of my Princes that immediately spring to my mind. Not to belittle anyone else, past or present.

It all boils down to active person actively promoting the game.

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