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27 Dec 2018 12:35 #92565 by gatocion

Since the comeback of the game some old players, and some new ones, have started playing the game at our local store.

To keep them coming regularly, I have thought of organizing a V:TES league.

It will go this way:

Each round will last 2 weeks, to give players options to, at least, play once.

You can play a many games as you like, during the 2 weeks, but only your best game will give you valid points.

So, if you play 3 games, first you make 2Vp, the second 1Vp, but in the third you make 4VP and GW it will the last that counts.

Score system will be the same as in tournaments.

The problem with this system, is that as the more games you play the better your score can be, so I thought about valancing a bit depending on the number of games you played that round (2weeks), but I haven't figured out a proper way.

Any suggestions? What do you think about the rating system?



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28 Dec 2018 02:01 #92567 by kylynx
Replied by kylynx on topic How to run a V:TES League?

First of all I am not an experienced vtes player. I did not test the options below, but maybe one of these will do the job:

1) Award the average number of Tournament points of the Games of the last period instead of the best game.

2) Award the Tournament points only for the "median game". With this i mean you order the games by their respective TPs and eliminate the best and worst score until only one is left. In the case of an even number of scores take the average between the last two scores you would remove.

3) Award the best score with a multiplier as follows:

-1 game --> multiplier 1
-2 games--> multiplier 0.8
-3 games --> multiplier 0.7
-4 games --> multiplier 0.65
And so on....

Some thoughts on these options. In principle 1 and to should be "close" to each other, while option 2 provides more Information on how good the deck/Player is in different Games since the average of 10, 10, 280 is 100 while the median is 10. Hence option 1 can be better to reward strong improvements in either deck or Player quality.

Regarding the third option one should think about the weights i proposed. I have never tested it and did not (yet) think too much if the above ones are fair.

Again this is just a bit of statistics that i did not test before.

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28 Dec 2018 08:45 #92570 by Lönkka
Replied by Lönkka on topic How to run a V:TES League?
Swedes have played numerous leagues in Stockholm over the years and Finns in Helsinki at least a few.

Perhaps they might be able to offer some info?

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31 Dec 2018 08:00 #92594 by Szewski
Replied by Szewski on topic How to run a V:TES League?
In Poland we've had always simply rules:

1. Minimum players at the tournaments (f.e. 10)
2. Points from Archon for standings
3. 6 best tournaments counts
4. Multify other rewards f.e. best tabletalker, best scorer etc etc

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31 Dec 2018 10:21 #92597 by Ashur
Replied by Ashur on topic How to run a V:TES League?
The Stockholm league "resets" every 10 weeks, so we run about 5 leagues each year. Check it out at Stockholmjyhad - rules are at the bottom of each post.

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01 Jan 2019 11:29 - 01 Jan 2019 11:34 #92603 by Bloodartist
Helsinki has had three VTES leagues (2014,2015, 2018) so far to my knowledge. I believe we originally copied the Stockholm league to some extent.

In Helsinki:
- the league lasts for 10 weeks
- The first game a person plays per week while the league is ongoing counts as that person's league game for that week. Only one game per week counts for the league. There has been some fluctuation with this rule.
- Its possible to have a mix of players in a game: those for whom the game counts as league game and those who don't. Basically you just play standard weekly casual game, and count the league points when applicable.
- Games of 5 players are preferred for a league game.
- 8 league points for a game win, 4 points for an oust, and 2 points for 0,5VP.
- Once the 10 weeks are over, there is a final game among those with most league points, similar to that of a tournament.

The league rules and some transcripts from old leagues are available here in Finnish. .

ps. Originally the purpose of the league was rekindle interest in a dwindling playerbase.

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