file getting rid of event cards (how)?

08 Feb 2019 19:13 #93370 by 2wayspeaker
:silly: This method only works for Gehenna events.

  1. Play all the Gehenna event cards yourself in a black hand deck
  2. During your discard phase play a Gehenna event you dislike
  3. Tap your Black Hand to cancel it as it is played using the effect of "Watchtower: The Wolves Feed."
  4. Each event can only be played ONCE (giants blood, political stranglehold,... etc)
  5. Profit when your prey handjams on their gehenna events
Watchtower: The Wolves Feed
[Burn Option]
[1 Pool]
Master: watchtower. Requires at least one Gehenna card in play and a ready Seraph.
Black Hand vampires get +1 stealth and may strike for 2R damage. 

A ready Black Hand vampire you control may tap to cancel a Gehenna card as it is played.

During your untap phase, burn X pool or burn this card, where X is the number of Gehenna cards in play (minimum of 1). Burn this card if another watchtower enters play.

:silly: This information may or may not be severly detrimental to your in game succes. No liability can be claimed citing this post

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23 Mar 2022 15:57 #104853 by GiftsUngiven
By errating them to become Master cards that could be removed as a D action with 0 stealth. Tension in the Ranks is a good example of what events should have been like.

Prince of Porto

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