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21 Nov 2019 12:11 #97940 by Jazzbeaux
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5 New Vampire Games

Benjamin Kanelos' Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Feud, the game being for 4-32 players who belong to different warring clans and with 1-2 storytellers overseeing everything as the game plays out over multiple tables in a 2-3 hour playing period

Vampire: The Masquerade – Vendetta is a bluffing-based area control game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage, a quick-playing, card-based legacy game from Babis Giannios and Nice Game Publishing.

Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS, with this being a 1-4 player campaign game set in Montreal with miniatures, sealed scenarios that players need to unlock, and no game master needed.

Finally, we come to the title that started me down this path, a title announced during Gen Con 2019 that I only just discovered while starting my end-of-year inbox cleanout: Vampire: The Masquerade – The Expandable Card Game, which Renegade Game Studios will debut at Gen Con 2020 in partnership with White Wolf Entertainment and Paradox Interactive. Here's the only description released to date: "Vampire: The Masquerade – The Expandable Card Game will offer tabletop gamers a new way to experience the intrigue and politics of Kindred society, as well as the hunger pangs of The Beast within."

Anyone know anything more about this last one? Seems to be awfully close to V:tes!


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