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03 Dec 2020 07:53 #101195 by Bloodartist
Discussion about the V5 rulebook on the Finnish whatsapp led me to discover about 20 cards that have wrong templating or wrong card text altogether, depending how you interpret it.

Approximation of loyalty
Bleeding the vine
Contingency planning
Detect authority
Evil eye
Fae contortion
False resonance
Hall of Hades' court
Jones, The
Lucita (adv)
Not to be
Rewind time
Scry the hearthstone
Shape mastery
Soul decoration
Terra incognita
Veil of Darkness

All of these cards have the text (no cost is paid) in brackets. Text in brackets is supposed to be reminder text, but in this case it can't be since the text is in contradiction of the basic rules. The default rule is, as is written on the V5 rulebook, that a canceled non-action cards cost is paid in full.

Swarm and Determine refer to the cost of an action card so they are in the right, unless you want to clean those up too.

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03 Dec 2020 10:28 #101197 by Ankha
Those cards have not been updated because they have not been reprinted, and because, if you follow the cardtext, they do the right thing even though the relevant part is in brackets.
Retemplating applies only to new cards.

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16 Dec 2020 14:11 - 16 Dec 2020 14:19 #101262 by Boris The Blade
This looks like another case where the "default" case in the rules does not match the usage, similar to limits on bleed modifiers. There are about twice as many cancel cards where where the cost is not paid than the opposite, even more if one counts all the Abombwe cards that use a single template as 1.
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