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16 Jul 2021 05:25 #102706 by librarian
Re-skin Vtes? was created by librarian
I know this sounds crazy, but what if you were to rebuild VTES from the ground up, and decided not to use the World of Darkness as your setting.

Assume the rules would be the same - what setting/tropes would be a good fit for the game as it stands?

I was thinking something like mythic gods vying for devotion (=pool) from their followers. You would have your elder gods - Zeus, Chronos, Ameterasu, Ra, etc etc all the way down to your demi-gods who are perhaps the children of a mortal and a god (Percy Jackson for example). You could have other mythic creatures serving alongside the gods as allies or retainers (perhaps called something else).

The other idea I had was tribal relationships for a pre-bronze or pre-iron age society. Perhaps one with magic, or maybe not. Disputes between the tribes was solved either through politics; or maybe through 1x1 fights.

The final idea I had was schools of magic - where you had your elder faculty (your 11s); all the way down to your first years. Magic is of course rife; and there would be different types of magic represented as the disciplines.

I don't know, something I was noodling on during a long drive. I thought about redoing Jyhad/VTES set in that skin; and just renaming all the disciplines, clans, and vampires and minion cards and and and... and then I said whoah that's a lot of work. I'll never to that - but maybe others have thought about it too...

Would be interested in hearing other folks' thoughts.

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19 Jul 2021 08:19 #102724 by Rémi
Replied by Rémi on topic Re-skin Vtes?

Hmm, I am not sure I understand the context.
Do you think about the same mechanics with different universe?
For instance, like Monopoly that exists for Europe, Harry Potter and many other universes.


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