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10 Jan 2020 15:25 #98517 by kschaefer
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A much easier solution, one which preserves the secrecy of everyone's decks, is to simply seat the final table randomly. This also has the benefit of making the final table more representative of how VTES is normally played (ie, in line with the preliminary rounds).

I've also suggested this as a possible solution for the "timeout problem" that people think we have.
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10 Jan 2020 19:30 #98519 by Kraus
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The past few tournaments in Finland, we agreed that before finals seating each of the finalists told the archetype they are playing to other finalists. I have personally enjoyed that a lot, doesn't give too much information about the deck, but everyone has some idea of the decks others are playing.

I'm not saying its the perfect solution, but now that I have played 2 finals like that, it does make things a bit clearer and leaves a good and fair impression and feeling of the finals seating to players. Or at least to me.

I am not exactly a fan of this however, since deck 'archetypes' are often ambiguous and debatable. If anything, the distinction shouldn't be made by the player of the deck.

Of course in local friendly events people have next to no incentive on making things difficult, but in any event where people don't practically know each other by heart, the practice should become problematic quite fast.

I would like more information on the decks being played however. One opinion I am quite fond if is presenting the whole crypt to the other finalists before seating is determined. Total randomization is something to consider as well.

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