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The Nine (so far) Commandments of the JOL League

1. Thou shalt check thy games at least twice per day.
2. Thou shalt respond to the last game move within 24 hours of the last time-stamp.
3. Thou shalt treat thy opponents with respect.
4. Thou shalt obey the decisions of the judges.
5. Thou shalt ping thy opponents once when they are needed, unless they are present.
6. Thou shalt register thy decks within 48 hours of being added by the league administrator.
7. Thou shalt return accidentally drawn cards to the library and shuffle.
8. Thou shalt give thy userid when requesting games from the league administrator.
9. Thou shalt let the league administrator know when thou will be absent; and post it in the Global Notes field of thy game.

Not following these commands will result in a single strike.


Anyone is welcome to join the league if they contact me ( jhattara ). In order to join, you must have completed one non-league JOL game. Alternatively, I can place you in a "demo" game, which you can use to prove to us that you are a reliable and considerate player.

In your message, please include the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your city/country
3. Your JOL userid
4. An HTML link to a recently completed JOL game, or, alternatively, a request to be placed in a demo game.
5. The email address that should be added to the league mailing list (if different)
6. Let me know that you have read this page, understand the policies and agree to abide by them.


For QK, ST, DM, and RQ games, each player is expected to log in and check their games at least twice per weekday (and weekends for "quick" games).

For RT games, each player is expected to be responsive during the first two hours of play, and not take more than a minute to respond. If the player has to make a quick "bio-break", they should type "brb" (be right back) or something to communicate with the other players.

In most circumstances, players must respond within 24 hours of the "last move". Refer to the JOL3 timestamp next to each "move" to find out how long it's been since the "last move".


1. A strike may be given for breaking any of the commandments mentioned above, especially those regarding quick play and respect for fellow players.
2. Strikes never disappear from the player list.
3. When a player receives their third strike in a month they will be removed from the league (but may re-apply in three months, assuming problems are resolved)
4. A player may request independent arbitration if they feel they were wrongly removed.

So, if a player loses a few days of connectivity all at once, due to unforseen circumstances like an ISP problem, or a meteor strike on their house, they will start accumulating one strike per day. They will not be replaced for missing a second 24-hour period the day following their first absence. If they miss a third 24-hour period they get their third strike, I start replacing them, etc.

Please note that the objective of this policy is to ensure quick games, not to kick people out of the league. And it is never personal on my part. If you are removed there is probably a very good reason for it -- and you will still be welcome to join non-league JOL games in most cases.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by this policy, you are welcome to seek a second opinion from our panel of referees. Their decision-making on this will be independent of mine and override this policy, if necessary.

Although it may seem like I am omniscient, alas, I am but a mortal. Therefore, please let me know when players in your games are MIA -- I won't know otherwise. I do check on games with slow players once in a while, but only once I have been made aware that there is a problem.

Note that being removed from the league is not the same as being banned from JOL. You will still be allowed to play in non-league games, if you can find players willing to join you.

You are also welcome to email me after three months and ask to be reinstated. I am generally sympathetic, assuming you are able to play faster or act respectfully. If you were banned for abusive behaviour, the people you abused will also be involved in this decision, as the victims of the crime, so to speak.


Replacements, if needed, will be found among the other participants in the league. From a standings point of view, the result of the game will apply to the original player, not the replacement player. The replacement player is merely playing for fun, and to help out the other players in the game so they don't get stuck with a non-game.


If you know that you will be unable to attend to your games for a short period of time, let me know and I will put an away time in the next "League Update" email. It is your responsibility to let us know, not ours to guess. You can email me, or simply send an email to the league itself. It is usually better to email rather than just posting a note in your games, as the notes occasionally get inadvertently erased.


All deals must be made publicly. Previously in JOL, we were allowed to make deals privately, which made for a more intriguing game, in some opinions. As of May 15, 2008, all deals in league games are required to be made public. They must also meet the requirements of the VEKN rules in all other respects.


It is often the case in JOL that cards are drawn that should not have been (due to Wake with Evening's Freshness, etc.). In such cases, the accidentally drawn card should be moved back to the library, which should then be re-shuffled.


In a case where there is a dispute about game rules or card interactions, simply consult the internet, or ask LSJ directly. While this is being done, players will not be required to check their games until the issue is resolved (though, as a courtesy, please try to do so quickly).

In a case where there is a dispute regarding deals that require a judge, email me and I will assign one of the following judges to look at your case. Note that we use the VEKN Multi-Judge system for all intents and purposes. The current roster of judges are:

1. Cooper
2. Jeff
3. quetzacoatl
4. David Wilson
5. pallando
6. JonD

Please do not email the judges without consulting with me first. It's important that we maintain a proper order for which judge gets selected, and not just the first person on the list.

If you are having a personal problem with another player's abusive behaviour toward you, email me directly. I will issue a strike to that player if necessary. It can be difficult to judge what kind of comments are abusive, but, regardless, use common sense. If you think a player is being an idiot, that is your right. Telling a player that he/she is being an idiot, not so much. In most cases, if a player apologizes and withdraws the comment, no strike will be issued.

If you are having a problem with the league administrator, ie. me, you can email one of the judges above for an independent decision. I am willing to forward complaints to them without interfering with them. I will not post their emails here due to spam-bots, but you can email the league list asking one of them to contact you, if you like. I hope this is not necessary, of course, but I do want players to feel that everything is done fairly.

If a player refuses to abide by a judge's decision, they will be immediately ejected from the league. The judges are always the final arbiters for game disputes.

Note that this does not prevent a player from attempting to argue their case (and they should always feel free to do so, as the judges will require as much information as possible); it just means that once the final decision is handed down, you either abide with it, or you don't play in the league.


To be added to a game, you must provide me with the following information:

Your JOL userid (eg. "JOLID --> jhattara")
The number of games you want
The type of games you want

If you do not provide me with the above, I will ignore your email.


Please stick to one userid for all league games. Your userid is how I track performance, etc.

Games will not count towards a player's league ranking until they have completed three league games.

You may enter as many league games as you feel you can handle, assuming space is available.

You do not need to use the same deck for each game (and probably shouldn't).

You will be put on a mailing list, where I post a list of games that need players. To sign up for a game, please contact me. If there are no games available, I will create one for you.

League games will have a 90 day time limit. This can be extended if there are considerable delays in the games.

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