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We have six different game-types. Games will time-out after 90 days. This can be extended if a player is non-responsive for an extended period of time.

"Standard" (ST) games are played from Monday to Friday, and optionally on weekends. Twice daily checks on weekdays are expected. Only jhattara will start ST games.

"Quick" (QK) games are for people who can access their games seven days a week. In a QK game, you are expected to check twice per day on weekdays, and once per day on weekends. You will not be placed in these games unless you specifically request it, or if you explicitly specify "any available game". Please do not sign up for these if you do not have weekend internet access. Only jhattara will start QK games.

"Demo" (DM) games are used to introduce new players to the league and/or JOL. They do not count toward your league scores, though the 24-hour rules is considered to be in effect. I will only add these as needed, or if specifically requested. Only jhattara will start DM games

"Real Time" (RT) games are games that happen when all players are online at one time. Real Time games should go for at least 2 hours. If you cannot commit to two hours of play, then an RT game is not for you. Once the game stops being RT, the game will devolve to QK status. The RT games will be started by the judges at around 8:00pm in their respective time zones (please see below). Please gather in chat ready to play RT a few minutes before 8:00.

Besides myself (jhattara - server +10:00), these are our RT admins:
Jeff - server +0:00
David Wilson - server +2:00
Cooper - server +9:00
pallando - server +10:00
quetzacoatl - server +17:00
JonD - server +17:00
PLEASE NOTE: These kind folks have volunteered to start RT games, and to occasionally judge; but they do not in any want to receive any e-mail relating to the management of the league. All those headaches come to me directly - JOL handle jhattara.

"Request" (RQ) games are games that 5 players have decided to be in a league game together. Send one request to me, jhattara - at jhattara [at] tenerdo [dot] org. I will start the game for you at my earliest convenience. Only jhattara will start RQ games

"Special" games as created, like end of season table or something.

Syntax to know what kind of game you are in:
League[TYPE OF GAME][first 2 initials of judge who started game][two digit year]-[sequential number with 3 digits]
LeagueQKsh10-003, the third quick game started by shorb in 2010.
LeagueQKjh11-001, the first quick game started by jhattara in 2011.
LeagueRTje10-004, the fourth real time game started by Jeff in 2010.

RT (Real Time) Game Rules and Expectations

1. RT means real-time. This means you are expected to be at the table for at least *2 hours* to play a large portion of the game. If you cannot commit to at least the full 2 hours, PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP!

2. If you are going to be away from keyboard for longer than 10 seconds, let your game-mates know. Sometimes, you get called away from the game (your boss comes in, nature calls, the telephone, etc). Please put some sort of indicator that you have stepped away from the table, even a quick "brb" (Be Right Back) is enough. But repeated instances of just stepping away from the game without letting your other players know is both rude and grounds for a league strike.

3. After the 2 hours, the game will revert to Standard time if it hasn't completed yet. Standard means check twice per day weekdays, and you can take the weekends off.


A. A host/judge will announce in the e-mail updates that he will be starting RT games at a certain time on a certain day.

B. Players all arrive in the JOL Main chat on that day at that time. The judge will make a general call to all players there to find out who wants to play an RT League game.

C. Those players who are already on the player list on the group website will automatically be qualified to play in RT games. Those who are not, will be asked to immediately sign up, and also agree to the rules noted above.

D. The host/judge will then place people into RT games, and then start the games. Typically the judge will be checking in frequently during this time to add latecomers as they come. Best bet is to be on time to be sure to get into a game.

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