file Will Blooded please describe his decks?

17 Mar 2011 00:15 #2544 by librarian
I'd love to hear what kinds of decks Blooded is playing to get so many victories. I know he tends to like Assamites...


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17 Mar 2011 06:02 #2549 by jhattara
Lutz, Lutz and some more Lutz.

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18 Mar 2011 11:33 - 18 Mar 2011 11:35 #2584 by Blooded Sand

Lutz, Lutz and some more Lutz.

Sob... Hi, my name is Blooded, and I am a Lutz whore.
Hi Blooded.
Blooded, please tell us about this Lutz habit you have acquired
Well, it started at a local tournament. I was playing my usual amaranth heavy type deck, when my pred pulls out lutz turns, and proceeds to do a total of 32 pool damage in total in the next 4 turns. It hurt so badly that i developed copenhagen syndrome. Turning to my tormentor, i begged him to share his wisdom with me.

He showed me the synergy between Lutz, Undele, DMitra and Bernard. Stavros is there just for shits and giggles. It is the easiest deck to play when your brain is inebriated, as you never block anything, your combat response is invariably Majesty, and your turn can be broken down into the following algorithm:

Untap. You dont have the edge, this deck does not bleed. Go to Master
Master. Play some horrible master. Villein, Zillah's Valley, info highway, creepshow or monastery of shadows, maybe even the one dreams you have in your deck. go to minion phase
Tap minion n. Play vote card. Ass rape your prey and/or anyone else who is a a threat. Tap minion n+1. repeat.
If out of assrapery cards, have undele fetch some. Undele fetching voter cap and filling up off the same action is a fantastic way to get those silly Villeins out of your hand. Of course 2 VC means Lutz also fills up. Repeat until n+x is greater than number of available minions.
Transfer some of your 20-30 odd pool onto the next minion to come out. IF you aklready control Lutz, DMitar and Undele, either Bernard, Stavros or Adana is a great next bet.
Discard, end your turn and go for a smoke, your not going to block anything ever anyway.

Blooded, how does this deck with SB?
Simple, it just has more pool than they can deal with. I have a DOM OBF deck get me down to8 pool, and was sitting on 32 at the end of my next turn.

Blooded, how do you deal with combat decks?
Well, i dig for that first Banishment, banish whatever is annoying me, then have undele fetch the banishment again. Rinse, repeat.

Blooded, how good is Lutz's special?
It is concentrated crack, pure and simple. It has allowed to multi oust in a single vote more than once.

What do you mean?

My prey has 3 pool, his prey has 2. Lutz calls KRC, puts 3 on my prey, and one on my grandprey. My prey is ousted, and then the Lutz effect oust my new prey. Yum yum, 12 pool, not counting VC, and 2 vp. Who says they dont want that crack?

Blooded, what do you normally do after playing this deck?
Wash myself in sulphuric acid, it is the only way to remove the grease from your soul.:evil: :evil: :evil:

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18 Mar 2011 11:58 #2586 by Blooded Sand
Deck Lost, version 1.03

1xAdana de Sforza
1xBernard, the Scourge
2xDmitra Ilyanova
4xLutz von Hohenzollern

1xCreepshow Casino
1xDark Influences
1xDreams of the Sphinx
1xGiant's Blood
1xGolconda: Inner Peace
2xInformation Highway
1xMonastery of Shadows
1xProtected Resources
1xWider View
4xZillah's Valley
1xNarrow Minds
1xScourge of the Enochians
1xAncient Influence
5xConservative Agitation
8xKine Resources Contested
3xNeonate Breach
1xPolitical Stranglehold
1xReins of Power
2xApproximation of Loyalty
5xBewitching Oration
4xCloak the Gathering
2xElder Impersonation
6xForgotten Labyrinth
4xLost in Crowds
1xPerfect Paragon
1xVeil the Legions
9xVoter Captivation

:assa: :flight: :QUI: :OBF: :POT: :FOR: :TEM: :DOM:
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18 Mar 2011 19:01 #2599 by brandonsantacruz
Looks like a solid deck. It's Stockholm syndrome btw.

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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21 Mar 2011 23:44 #2690 by librarian
I have given you a thank you, because I like this deck even more than my Lutz/other random G4 IC deck. It's beautiful. Will build for future tournaments. If I have enough Lutzy.

Thanks for sharing.

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