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Hi Everyone,

Name: David Cunningham
Age: 33
Location: Toronto, ON Canada

I thought I'd make a short post to introduce myself to the JOL community and provide a bit of background.

I started playing Jyhad shortly after release with a small group of friends. We all bought a Jyhad Starter and attempted to play a game. It wasn't the greatest experience as we had a lot of issues with the randomness of the starter decks. Half hour combats had to be retracted as we discovered the vampire didn't have the discipline required for the action in the first place.

I continued to collect cards until the Sabbat expansion, however without anyone to play with, I was only able to play in two player games with my brother.

I have again picked up the game by buying some more cards, but unfortunately there does not appear to be much of a local scene in Toronto, ON, Canada.

I have essentially no experience at 4/5 player tables, so I apologize if some of the strategic decisions I make don't seem to make a lot of sense. I've played a few games now, so hopefully I will continue to improve in this regard.

I've been having fun using Secret Library to try and create some decks that will stand up to the competition. I've made a couple of the ones I've played a few times public.

Thanks for allowing me to play and learn in JOL.
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