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09 Jul 2018 17:49 #88686 by kschaefer

In my experience trying to manage a game night at a store, you want to reward participation. Giving someone something for showing up is the best way to keep them coming back.

Indeed. Ankha's idea would facilitate rewarding repeat play. I'd like to do a little survey at the end about how the league went and suggestions for changes, including alternate ranking methods.

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09 Jul 2018 21:50 #88692 by beslin igor
I'm really surprised by the comments. I see that some Methuselah do not see the sense of playing this league. our idea was to gather all the players and more and less active to play one competition for good fun and some people misunderstood everything. we thought that many players would rejoice on what is coming Monday, but now I see that it is not so.
So yous think a player who wins should come to stop to play, and losing players have to play as much as possible.
DJHedgehog if you want to building the online community play this competion 1 time per week is good start for this.
This request that you are claiming to count only good games and wiping out badly who will most certainly help? so the organizers-of course !!!! we who have organized the league will play it each time and it is most suited to us that the 0 VP is wiped and collected GW. we wanted to be equally honest with everyone, but it seems to some that it does not matter.
I do not know if something will change during this league or just next, but please think about the final result of your ideas.

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12 Jul 2018 18:15 #88801 by angrynewb
Thanks for your suggestions,

There will now be a final of the 5 best players from each League to determine the Champion, instead of just 1 player simply winning the League by rating points.

I remember there has been a discussion going on, if its too much to give the 1st seeded player seating option(while knowing all other decks), and also the advantage on beeing tied on vp.

Since we are using a multi deck setup, this is also an opportunity to see how much 1st rank is worth without deck spying.(you are still able to choose last where to sit)

Also, since quiet a fair number of people in Europe had troubles joining us as early as 8pm CEST, we now have the start time set to 9pm CEST.

I edited the post to reflect those changes.

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22 Jul 2018 18:38 #89200 by angrynewb
We are increasing the timelimit for 5 player games to 2,5 hours.
Please note that games with 4 players still have a 2 hour timelimit.

This change is already effective for the league games tomorrow.

Also, thanks to Kai Kimmerle we now have a Teamspeak Server dedicated to LackeyCCG :)
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08 Aug 2018 12:13 - 08 Aug 2018 12:15 #89804 by blackkn8
No Problems for the TS3 Server.
Here are the full login informations:

Use this Link for joining: ts3server:// (if TS3 already is installed)

Or by direct connection about TS3 Client use this URL: with Port=9988

PW for the server is: vekn

For informations who is online please visit this link:

Prince of Wiesbaden, Germany
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