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16 Aug 2018 09:50 - 16 Aug 2018 09:52 #90044 by M.Schumacher
Since the new set is not on lackey yet (not complaining, i know everyone involved is donating their free time) here is a list of proxies i made that you can use to prox the new cards. All Vampires have the same capacity as their proxy. All library cards have the same cost as their proxy. When u play a proxy vampire from your uncontrolled region, you can
copy the card text from here and add the text to the card using edit note. When you play
a proxied library card you can set it aside and copy the relevant text to it using edit note.
All players should agree to allow proxies when starting the game and have this post open
in their browser for quick reference. This is just for a week or so to allow testing for the EC or until the work on the new set is finished

Agi = Dr. Sutton Gassaway *FOR SAN VIC Sabbat: Cards requiring Sanguinus [san] cost Agi 1 less blood. Budapest circle. Sterile.

Angelique = Unre, Keeper of Golgotha *AUS FOR NEC SER THA Sabbat: While Angelique is ready, cards requiring Necromancy [nec] cost Harbingers of Skulls you control 1 less blood.

Castiel = Dr. Lawrence Mayhew *for AUS VAL Sabbat: If Castiel is in combat and does not have a melee weapon before range is determined, he can equip with a melee weapon from your hand (requirements and cost apply as normal).

Chalcedony = Lord Vauxhaull *FOR POT THA VIS Camarilla: Cards requiring a Gargoyle cost Chalcedony 1 less blood or pool. Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere slave.

Dorka = Courtland Leighton *for san vic Sabbat: Dorka can enter combat with a minion controlled by your predator or prey as a (D) action. Budapest circle. Sterile.

Ererbus = Egotha *dem AUS FOR NEC Independent: Wraiths (allies and retainers) cost Erebus 1 less blood or pool.

Erlik = Byzar *AUS CEL FOR NEC THN Sabbat: As Erlik enters play, you can distribute up to 5 blood from him to any of your uncontrolled Harbingers of Skulls. +1 bleed. +1 hand size.

Gabi = Ana Rita Montana *for SAN VIC Sabbat: A minion opposing Gabi cannot strike: dodge during the first round of combat. Budapest circle. Sterile.

Handsome Dan = Kyoko Shinsegawa *aus cel for pot vis Anarch: Flight [FLIGHT].

Hectate = Agaitas *AUS FOR NEC Sabbat: After Hecate bleeds successfully, you can burn the top card of the target Methuselah's library.

Jean Lisle = Reg Driscoll *pot FOR OBF THN Independent: Once each round of combat, Jean can burn 1 blood to make the damage from his hand strikes aggravated that round.

Khurshid = Mateusz Gryzbowsky *AUS FOR NEC POT Sabbat: +2 strength.

Lailah = Wolf Valventine *aus VAL Sabbat.

Mambo Jeanne = The Baron *FOR NEC OBF THN Independent: Minions opposing Jeanne take 2 environmental damage each round during normal strike resolution at close range. +1 bleed.

Marie-Pierre = Abebe *for nec THN Independent: Marie-Pierre can lock after a combat involving another Samedi you control to enter combat with the opposing minion. She cannot block older vampires.

Michaela = Omaya *AUS FOR PRE VAL Sabbat: Once each combat, Michaela can burn 1 blood to cancel a grapple or aim card as it is played by an opposing minion, and its cost is not paid.

Mister Schwartz = Macoute *for obf NEC THN Camarilla.

Nuriel = Dela Eden *cel dom AUS FOR VAL Sabbat: Nuriel gets 1 optional additional strike during the first round of combat. He inflicts +1 damage with melee weapons.

Porphyry = Agatha *vis POT Camarilla: Porphyry gets +2 bleed against a Methuselah who controls a location. Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere slave.

Sheela Na Gig = Sarah Raines *vis Sabbat: Sheela Na Gig can lock to give a Tremere antitribu you control +1 bleed. Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere antitribu slave.

Verbruch = Pugfar *for POT VIS Camarilla: As Verbruch enters play, you can search your crypt for a Tremere, reveal them, and move them to your uncontrolled region (shuffle afterward). Flight [FLIGHT]. Tremere slave.

Viri = Droesche One-Eye *san vic Sabbat: While Zizi is in your ready region, Viri gets +1 strength. Budapest circle. Sterile.

Zizi = Ilias cel Fumos *san vic Sabbat: If Viri is in your ready region, Zizi can lock to unlock another Blood Brother of the same circle. Budapest circle. Sterile.

Acheron Vortex = Scorn of Adonis *Minions without Necromancy [nec] or Obtenebration [obt] get -1 intercept.

Achilles Heel = Storm Sewers *Unique. Put this card on a vampire controlled by another Methuselah and choose a circle. While this vampire is in torpor, Blood Brothers of the chosen circle get +1 bleed against this vampire's controller. Any minion can burn this card as a (D) action.

Alvusia = Steam Tunnels *Unique. Put this card in play with 1 counter for each Tremere and Gargoyle you control. Once each action, you can burn 1 counter from this card to give a slave Gargoyle you control +1 bleed or +1 strength. Put 1 counter on this card after a Tremere or Gargoyle enters play during your influence phase. Burn this card if it has no counters.

Blade of Bellona = Living Wood Staff *Melee weapon. Strike: strength +1 damage, with 1 optional maneuver each combat, only usable to maneuver to close range.

Blessed Blade = Collapse the arches *[val][REFLEX] Cancel a grapple card played by the opposing minion as it is played. [val] Strike: use a melee weapon strike at +2 damage. [VAL] Strike: use a melee weapon strike at +3 damage.

Blessings of the Loa = Treaty of Laibach *Unique. Put this card in play. Samedi you control with capacity 4 or more get +1 bleed against your prey for each vampire in torpor they control. [Burn Option]

Blood Buff = Haqims Law Judgment *Trifle. Put this card on a ready Blood Brother you control. This Blood Brother gets +1 level of Sanguinus [san].

Camaraderie = Eyes of the Dead *[san] Reduce a bleed against you by 1. [SAN] Only usable if you control another ready unlocked Blood Brother of the same circle as this Blood Brother. Reduce a bleed against you by 3.

Children of the stone = Zip Line +2 stealth action. [tha] Equip with an equipment card from your hand and reduce its cost by 1 pool or 1 blood (requirements apply as normal). [vis] Search your hand or library for a gargoyle creature retainer and employ it (requirements and cost apply as normal; shuffle afterward). [VIS] As [vis] above, but reduce its cost by 1 blood or pool.

Disciple of Lazarus = Lock *+1 stealth action. Add 2 blood to a younger Harbinger of Skulls in your uncontrolled region, or search your crypt for a Harbinger of Skulls, reveal them, and move them to your uncontrolled region (shuffle afterward).

Emerald Legionnaire = Corrupt Construction *Wraith with 2 life. 2 strength, 1 bleed. During your unlock phase, you can remove 7 cards in your ash heap from the game to move an Emerald Legionnaire from your ash heap to the ready region with 2 life.

Inevitbility of the Void = Safe Passage *Only usable during a bleed action. [aus][nec] +1 bleed. [AUS][NEC] +1 bleed for every 10 cards in the ash heap of the target Methuselah.

Necrosis = Improvised Tactics *[pot] Strike: hand strike at +1 damage. [thn] Strike: hand strike at +2 damage. [THN] As [thn] above, and the opposing vampire takes 1 unpreventable environmental damage during the press step this round (only effective if this strike was made at close range).

Relentless Reaper = Lam Into *[for] Prevent 1 damage. [thn] Press. [THN] Only usable when both combatants are still ready and combat would end. Burn 1 blood to start a new round instead.

Righteous Aura = Neebi *Only usable if this vampire is ready and the opposing minion is not. Put this card on this vampire. This vampire gets +2 bleed. Burn this card if this vampire is about to leave the ready region. A vampire can have only one Righteous Aura.a

Their Master's Voice = Elder Kindred Network *Usable by a locked vampire. Unlock a gargoyle creature ally or a ready slave Gargoyle you control.

Unleash the Hounds = Hag's Wrinkles Only usable during a bleed action. [dom] +1 bleed. [vis] +1 bleed. [VIS] Only usable by a unique slave Gargoyle. +1 bleed for each ready vampire of the enslaving clan you control.

Vengeful Spirit = Priestess of Sekhmet *Wraith with 2 life. The employer gets +1 bleed. Vengeful Spirit inflicts 1 damage on the opposing minion each round of combat during normal strike resolution at close range.
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16 Aug 2018 10:36 #90046 by ed1234
cool, thanks for the work! thats nice for testing decks!

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17 Aug 2018 05:20 #90056 by Sydnelson
Sorry for the delay in updating Lackey VtES plugin, I'll post the update in the next hours. Stay tuned.

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