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This is the rules compendium for the LackeyCCG VTES Online World Championship as of 31.08.2018.


League Games will be played each Monday, starting on 3rd of September 2018 until 3rd of December 2018

American League: Start: 7pm PDT (PST in winter) 2 hour time limit for 4 player tables; 2,5 hour time limit for 5 player tables
European League: Start: 9pm CEST(CET in winter) 2 hour time limit for 4 player tables; 2,5 hour time limit for 5 player tables

A player can play only one game each week.
Min. number of games needed: 6
Max. number of games possible: 14

Semi Final America: Monday 10th of December Start 7pm PST 2.5h time limit
Semi Final Europe: Monday 10th of December Start 9pm CET 2.5h time limit

World Final: Saturday 15th of December Start: 1pm PST (=10pm CET) 2.5h time limit

To register, reach out to any of your Leagues Organizer Online. Either message us on Facebook, LackeyCCG or Email and declare that you want to play. Last Registration is accepted 10min prior to when each game starts.
We expect all registered players to be Online in Lackey 5min before the start of the game!
When you register for a game in a certain League, you are automatically bound to it for that League Period. (A player can only play in one League, either American or European)

Setting up the Game:
After the registration is complete, the Organizers will post the tables in Lackey Chat. (5 or 4 player tables)
Although the order has no impact on the actual seating, the first player named for each table is asked to host the game.
Once all players are in the game, you have to load your deck before continuing with seating. (you can choose different decks each time you play)
Next, each player rolls D20 to determine seating. The order of play is from lowest to highest. (lowest roll will be starting player).
You can then place and look at your starting crypt and see your starting hand cards.

To finish the Setup do the following:
Choose one player to take the time on the table.
Declare if you are streaming or recording the game.
Connect on a voice program like Discord, Teamspeak or Skype if ALL players on the table agree to use it.

Once everyone is ready you are free to start your League Game.

The Clock and You:
Since we do want to have fair games as much as possible, you are allowed to stop the time whenever necessary.
This includes but is not restricted to: disconnects, players beeing afk, rule questions, explaining lackey mechanics;
It is not allowed to stop time for things like: deals, chatting, ashur tablets or similiar game mechanics.

Rulings and Judge:
The current VEKN tournament rules apply.
In most situations we expect each table to handle it by themselves using google search, vtes group chat or vekn site for references.
Even though you are allowed to stop the time, if you cant find a solution in a timely manner, you can reach out to one of the organizers to get a final decision.

If a player disconnects he will be given 15min to resolve the issue.
If this player cannot return, he will start to selfoust 4pool each influence phase, and the predator will get 1vp 3pools when he is ousted. (all cards remain in play until he is ousted)
If all remaining players agree, the game can also be rescheduled with or without a substitute player. min player number must be 4. (the rescheduled game can take place anytime until the following sunday)

Reporting and Disqualification:
To report someone, 2 players on the table have to inform one of the organizers. (Facebook or Email)
Either a warning will be given (e.g. disconnects) or an outright disqualification (e.g. unsportsmanlike behavior, rage quit).
At the 3rd warning a player is automatically disqualified for the rest of the League.

Spectators and/or Streaming:
Please respect that you are not allowed to do any sort of coaching, discussion of play or rule-mongering as spectator or stream viewer.

Results and Rating:
When the Game finishes one of the remaining players will report the results to an Organizer. (Facebook or Email)

You will get 8 points for a Game Win and 4 points for each Victory point, divided by the number of games you played.
A coefficient is used in this formulae to give a slight advantage to players who play more games.
In case of same rating points, the tiebreakers are in this order: GWs,VPs, total games played, number of warnings, dice roll.

The current ratings will be posted and updated on our Facebook VTES LackeyCCG Group page and on
You can also view the current standings and statistics on our League Webpage

Continental Semi Finals:

The top player of each league will qualify directly for the world finals. Furthermore one of the remaining players with the highest RTP score from both Leagues will also qualify directly. The final 2 spots in the World Finals will be given to the winner of each league's (Continental) Semifinal.
Semifinal players will be the 3rd to 7th ranked players for the league with 2 players qualifying directly or 2nd to 6th ranked players for the league with 1 player qualifying directly.
Note: Seating order and starting player is selected randomly!

World Finals:
The seeding in the World Finals is determined by rating points and their tiebreakers.
Winner of the World Finals will be given the title of "VTES Online World Champion 2018".
Note: Seating order and starting player is selected randomly!

Organizers American League:
Karl Schaefer () Lackey name: kschaefer
Mark Jasper () Lackey name: mjvtes
Adam Hulse () Lackey name: Erewego

Organizers European League:
Igor Beslin () Lackey name: Beslin Igor
Martin Weinmayer () Lackey name: angrynewb

join our Facebook group "VTES LackeyCCG"
and/or download Lackey directly at


Martin Weinmayer on behalf of the Org-Team

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