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01 Nov 2018 20:18 #91639 by angrynewb
After the Online World Ranking going live, i am happy to announce our Statistics page for VTES Online on LackeyCCG !

With this tool at your disposal, you are able to take a closer look at the decks you played in the current meta and how you performed.
Choosing the right deck is a very important part of beeing successful in competitive VTES, i cannot stress this enough!
If u use this statistics wisely, you will enhance your play to a new level.

Please note that this is a work in progress, any feedback is highly appreciated!
Big Thanks to Kai Kimmerle for programming this feature!

Explanation of Deck Archetypes used:

While any deck can bleed, this archetype´s ousting strategy focus heavily on just that.
Typical Subtypes: Swarm Bleed, Bloat Bleed, Stealth Bleed.
Famous Decks: Emerald Legionnaire Bleed, Dementation Bleed, Jost Werner Bleed, Kyasid Bleed

While some Vote decks also emphasise a bleed strategy, voting is important for its success.
Typical Subtypes: Bleed&Vote, Grand Ball Vote, Stealth Vote, Combat&Vote;
Famous Decks: Stanislava Vote, Triple A Vote, Weenie Presence Vote, Ventrue Royality Vote

One of the more complex Archetypes, focus around torporizing minions and use bleed/fame/dragonbound to oust.
Typical Subtypes: Swarm Combat, Rush Combat, Block Combat, Bleed&Combat
Famous Decks: Nana Buruku Combat, Tupdog Combat, Euro Brujah Combat, !Salubri Combat

This Archetype usually denies enemies to build up and drain their resources until they are weak enough to be ousted.
Typical Subtypes; Star Vampire Block, Gun Block, Swarm Block
Famous Decks: Auspex Block, Harbinger of Skulls Block, Tremere Block, Goratrix Block

This decktype uses a combination of the above decktypes to be successful, or anything that didnt fall in the above categories.
Typical Subtypes: Bloat&Block&Combat, Block&Vote&Combat, Trick Tech
Famous Decks: Malgorzata Toolbox, Capuchin Toolbox, !Ventrue Stickman Toolbox, Shatter the Gate Toolbox

Additional info:
If you click on any deck you will see the exact tables with each player listed.
Use the dropdown Menu for "Statistics" to jump directly to a certain event page.
"Success" is the percentage number of gamewins compared to times played.
All Columns are sortable.

Enjoy! :-)

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