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18 Jun 2019 14:12 #95453 by beslin igor
Dont Cry for Pentex League 2019-news

Yesterday start famous league Dont Cry for Pentex League 2019 :D
15 players fight in 3 tables. 14 from Europe and 1 guest from Brazil.
We see 2GW,2 tables finished by time limit.
3 players first time play online competion.
I beleive we get more tables in self organize games.

table 1

Filip Pur 'Froxlin',Czech Republic
Hellgie Tod 'Helgie',France 0,5 VP
Fonseca Trenado 'Txiqui',Spain 3,5 VP GW
Erik Mossberg 'beppolito', Sweden
Eduard Winter 'Ed1234', Austria

table 2

Jonathan Johansson 'Mordin' Sweden 0,5 VP
Igor Beslin 'Beslin Igor', Serbia 0,5 VP
Michal Kacper Bo 'Kazpex', Poland 0,5 VP
Gilles Hingue 'DarkLegion47', France 0,5 VP
Slaven Nikolic 'Slaven',Croatia 0,5 VP

Table 3

Arnau Diez Sans 'Kiderak',Spain
Bruno Patricio Pontes 'Brunim Ceara',Brazil 1 VP
Marcin Krom 'maajin', Poland
Rudolf Scholz 'The Bard',Germany 4 VP GW
Marius Iscru 'Pooldor', France

there is link with deck played :
and league link:

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25 Jun 2019 18:27 #95604 by beslin igor
Dont Cry for Pentex League 2019 - round 2 report

I want to say everyone who played thanx on patiente guys,yesterday 1 second before I share parings Lackey server be down,before we start game server be down 3 times ,but after games start all be ok.

We got 3 tables yesterday and 1 table today as self-organize game total 19 players play round 2. All tables finished before time limit and in each table we got GW!!!

In 4 games we have 3 guests from American continent,and NAC Champion 2019 Corwin Brindley got GW in his table.
Also game win make people:Erik Mossberg,Albert Dulcet and Martin Weinmayer.

I beleive we got one more game tomorow

results with deck you can see in this link:

and tabela league you can see here:

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02 Jul 2019 15:03 #95726 by beslin igor
Dont Cry for Pentex League 2019 - round 3 report

15 people fight yesterday. 3 games-2GW,one table is finished by time limit.

We also expect some self organize games during this week.

Results deck and points is there:


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09 Jul 2019 17:29 #95816 by beslin igor
Dont Cry for Pentex League 2019 - round 4 report

Yesterday be played 4 of 5 round of league.
20 players fight in 5 tables yesterday-first we have 16 players,and later get 4 more for 5th table.
We have new record 41 players total in league,yesterday join 7 new players,and 3of these play first time online competions.
4GW,and 1 table finish with 2:2.
I hope we have some self organize games during this week.

All players who played this league:
Marcin Krom 'maajin', Poland
Sergio Bolsico '',Spain
Jordi Martinez 'rioelio',Spain
Albert Dulcet 'Vezintroll.' Spain
Erick Grinaldi 'Antediluvian', Brazil
Arnau Diez Sans 'Kiderak',Spain
Fonseca Trenado 'Txiqui',Spain
Hellgie Tod 'Helgie',France
Slaven Nikolic 'Slaven',Croatia
Filip Pur 'Froxlin',Czech Republic
Rudolf Scholz 'The Bard',Germany
Aapo Jarvelin 'Khormag',Finland
Bruno Patricio Pontes 'Brunim Ceara',Brazil
Anton Dudko 'Anton Dudko', Belarus
Louis Legault 'LewisThemenace', Canada
Martin Weinmayer 'angrynewb', Austria
Michal Kacper Bo 'Kazpex', Poland
Markus Hißnauer 'Bloodangel',Germany
Martin Schumacher 'Chromeboy', Germany
Javier Naranjo 'Karash', Spain
Erik Mossberg 'beppolito', Sweden
Diogo Pratas 'SilverIron90', Portugal
Juha Laukkanen 'Bloodartist', Finland
Daniel S. de Almeida 'Daniel S.Almeida', Brazil
Serge Cirri 'Orpheus', France
Alejandro Rodriguez 'Andrialfo', Spain
Igor Beslin 'Beslin Igor', Serbia
Jonathan Johansson 'Mordin' Sweden
Eduard Winter 'Ed1234', Austria
Marius Iscru 'Pooldor', France
Gilles Hingue 'DarkLegion47', France
Bram van Stappen 'Gotcha', Belgium
Miguel Angel 'MikelAngelo17',Spain
Corwin Brindley 'DJHedgehog', USA
Edgar E. Marin 'Tagek42', Mexico
Eduardo Simões 'EduardoSimoesAmBR',Brazil
Christopher J. Malec 'selfbiased', USA
Angelo Alvisi 'Ajikozau',Italy
Beni Benassi 'bbeni1988vtes',
Angel Ortiz 'Blank_Name2.0',USA
Ximbilsom joga10

you can see results here:

and tabela:

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18 Jul 2019 09:23 #95895 by Hakuron
The top 5 results before finals of the "Don't Cry for Pentex" League 2019 (with 43 players) after 5 rounds (mode "best of 3") are:

Rudolf Scholz, Germany, 2GW 8VP
Diogo Pratas, Portugal, 1GW 7VP
Bram van Stappen, Belgium, 1GW 6.5VP
Martin Schumacher, Germany, 1GW 6VP
Slaven Nikolić, Croatia, 1GW 5.5VP

These players scored gamewins with:
Montano Baltimore Purge, Nakhthorheb Bleed, Dominate Bleed, Dementation Bleed, Adana Protean Toolbox and Capuchin + EL

Thanks to the organisers and grats to all the finalists!
(The final is scheduled for Monday 22th of July at 9pm CEST.)

National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de

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21 Jul 2019 13:28 #95914 by angrynewb
LackeyCCG presents you the finalists of the Dont Cry for Pentex League 2019
(43 players, 5 Weeks played)

Rudolf Scholz 'TheBard', Germany 2GW 8VP
Rudolf already made a name for himself in various offline tournaments, currently holding the title of Danish Champion.
You may also know him for beeing the German National Coordinator, and/or from organizing tournaments in Germany.
Rudolf seemingly had no trouble adapting his skills to the online tables, getting Topseed on his 2nd league already. Well Done!
Gamewins: Montano Baltimore Purge and Nakhthorheb Bleed.

Diogo Pratas 'SilverIron90', Portugal 1GW 7VP
Diogo is here for the fast win, playing mostly Bleed or Vote. His cat named "Stanislava" already gives you a hint which decktype he likes the most ;-)
He already won 2 offline tournaments this year. This guy is on fire!
Gamewins: Dominate Powerbleed

Bram van Stappen 'Gotcha', Belgium 1GW 6.5VP
The Belgian powerhouse is holding one of the most impressive win/loss ratios in offline World Ranking. (currently ranked 3)
From 55 ranked offline tounaments played, he has a whooping 60% final participation, while winning 47% of those finals.
This makes him without doubt one of the most dangerous opponents you can have in a VTES game.
Gamewins: Weenie Dementation Bleed

Martin Schumacher 'Chromeboy', Germany 1GW 6VP
Martin has been known as an excepetional deckbuilder for a long time now, often dominating the opposition by pure power.
Most notably bringing a Weenie Computer Hacking variant to last years LCQ EC tournament (105 players), going to finals with 2GW 9VP.
You may also know his famous Cybele Black Jack deck. (named after the use of 21 Ashur Tablets)
Gamewins: Adana de Sforza Protean Toolbox

Slaven Nikolic 'Slaven',Croatia 1GW 5.5VP
The new Guy. Every successful tournament has a new player doing well :-)
Slaven used a deck he has seen winning at the tournament in Zagreb earlier this year. Grats on his first final table!
Gamewins: Capuchin Emerald Legionnaire Bleed

The final will be played on Monday, 22th of July at 9pm CEST
Livestream will be available on my facebook account. Make sure you are on my friend list :-)


Martin Weinmayer

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