file Creeping Sabotage,Go,Go! 2020

13 Dec 2020 12:20 #101255 by beslin igor
Yesterday is played small online tournament.
Winner is: Marius Iscru (Reaper) from France Congratilations on winning!!!!!
10 players played-8 from Europe 2 from US.
1st schedule be to tourney be played in format 3R+F and to be played 2 days,but because there be only 10 players we decide to play 2R+F one day.
V5 cards be legal for playing this event.
Multi deck sistem.
3 games in preliminary rounds be finished very fast,only 1 game take long and be finished by time limit and there all get 0,5 VP.
Finals dint take long. Gotcha with weenies make big presure on Beslin,Beslin took only 2 actions whole game. Gotcha main idea to make his wenies prince fail because Reaper cancel with DI one of cards where weenies can become prince and ResurrectioN play delayin 2 times in same turn,so Gotcha stay without titles and presure Beslin by bleeding. When Gotcha oust Beslin him be only in 4 pool and then gain 6 more. that not be enough to survive more much because Montano from back bleed on stealt. Next VP take Reaper by bleeding and same turn ResurrectioN also by bleed oust Darkling. In battle 1vs1 Reaper and Resurrection decisive moment be when reaper played Banisment,Mind rape and Baltimore and Reaper won game by bleeding. Reaper 3VP in finals Gotcha and ResurrectioN 1 VP.
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