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04 Apr 2014 02:01 #60611 by ReverendRevolver

Why not?

One of the criticism I've heard against Inbued is that when you're playing against them it is the same old thing and cards every time. Why not add just an odd feq (even one would be nice!) Imbued card every now and then, or even better, every expansion.

This way they'd slowly build slightly larger pool of cards giving players more varied options.

But perhaps we should start a discussion/poll about this in the appropriate sub-forum and not hijack this thread?

My problem with Imbued is that the break the 'limited depleting resources' structure of VTES. You start with 30 pool, you give some of it to vampires and spend your time trying to make sure you get the most from your pool/blood/vampires for the rest of the game. Imbued don't do that. Imbued refresh their Conviction every turn.

To get a feel for what that would be like for vampires, just give every vampire 1 blood during the untap before you worry about HGs/Owain/Rack/Palatial Estate/etc. Then play a game of VTES without Imbued.

Blood doesnt have 3 flavors with "burn this to:" text either. Its like they get a way out of fundamental parts of the game, and are rewarded for not having to deal with being a vampire.

They showed up and got an Ally-deck staple banned, they draw out games, because they bone everyone else putting the whole table into cockroach mode, then play as fast as weenie auspex wall.

Its a problem thay cant jist be addressed. The issue with ever doing more imbued is keepimg them the hell away from the origional stuff.
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