exclamation-circle Minutes of the National Coordinator meeting: 12th of May, 2017

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National Coordinator meeting: 12th of May, 2017

Start 19:25

Ginés Quiñonero (VEKN Chairman and NC for Spain)
Hugh Angseesing (VEKN Vice Chairman and NC for the UK)
Mike Nudd (VEKN Design Team)
Orian Gissler (VEKN Organized Play Coordinator)
Henrik Klippström (VEKN Community Manager)
Vincent Ripoll (VEKN Rules Director)

Peter Ducai (NC for the Czech Republic)
Richard Utner (NC for Austria)
Tito Teixeira (NC for Portugal)
Simone Zanni (NC for Italy)
Gonzalo Andrés Del Rio Díaz (NC for Chile)
Jeroen van Oort (NC for the Netherlands)
Rudolf Garski (NC for Germany)
Tom Vandenberghe (NC for Belgium)

Ginés: things look good.

When new set?

Ginés: Let's be patient.

Discussion over cards and proposals for cards to be sold

Mike: Reminder White Wolf are a licensor, so options from that, getting over logistical challenges etc

Peter: Sounds more likely Anthology than boosters
Issue around buying for others
Great cards in the set etc

Gonzalo: Great to get these sets, first time I would come for this stuff. I'd like to see PDF cards printed. I don't like proxies, etc.

Trading versus living versus collectible version of game

Simone: Anthology set is for old players not new players.
Need something for new players something that work.

(Lots of mixed discussion over starter decks being fixed versus boosters.)

Orian: Concern over do starters with good cards or too good, etc, etc.

Jeroen: What are we thinking?

Tito likes kits for new players of some kind.

Ginés: do these have to be mutually exclusive?

Rudolf: How do we do this? What's the intent?

Vincent draft cubes.

Orian: didn't seem to work for FFG.

Peter: sounds like we need to present a base thing for new players, stuff and counters and balanced decks, etc.

Simone likes the WoD as a whole game.

Vincent: Translated cards, good or bad?

(Mixed opinions)

Vincent: would it help new players?

Simone: a database would be better.

Henrik: Not a priority.

On YouTube videos

Henrik: Can we do YouTube videos to explain the rules?

Gonzalo: I have these skills but need to think about people in video, versus animation, Laurie's videos can be improved! So Can do both ?

(Discussion over technical stuff: Sounds, camera frames, etc. Short attention span, Interesting and fast.)

Card base culling feelings

Do this via production rather than bans

Draft version etc

Tito: Some cards can be fun, etc. So may cause issues.

Rudolf: Some reshape of VTES, some cutting seems good.

Jeroen: Still no killing cards

Tom: New players, so some sort of reboot, new scene and new players with new tournament, and cut the mix, e.g MtG but not rotation permanently more for relaunch.

Mike: If we don't ban cards we still have these stuck here and it's it'll confusing for new players , so do you just do two formats?

Henrik: Can do multiple formats via storyline, etc.

Jeroen: Kill these cards. Kill, kill so don't introduce them as a minimum.

Tito: Can do this via explanation of starter decks, etc.

Simone: VTES based on lots of strategies, but lots do same thing with different names in different sets.

Henrik: If we're to cull cards there should be data on vote.

Vincent: Tournament and fun shouldn't be challenging do both

Gonzalo: Maybe you need more good cards in a starter, etc. That should be enough .

Rudolf: agree on competitive but also non optimal is good so don't power curve.

Mike: format of product, e.g. agot useful.

Gonzalo: talks about suggested decks pointers, etc to get you going.

Tom: VTES multi-player we need more than five clans, etc to give enough options in a starter set, etc due to contest.

(Lots of input.)

European Championship 2018

Does anyone want to host?

There may be another convention but we don't know yet.

Does anyone want to organise?

Ginés: Palma is an option.

Peter will discuss Czech in Prague - end of June 2017 to get back to us

Orian also interested - End of June 2017 to get back to us

Price is key and so is distance. Tom and Simone also made it clear price bad

Grand Prix

Some goal can we get these going etc more

End 20:43

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