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06 Aug 2018 18:18 #89705 by TryDeflectingThisGrapple
Hello folks.

I'll be coordinating the Black Chantry Productions' playtest for the upcoming Sabbat starter bundles. As we begin a new era for V:tES, we are offering an open call for playtesters of future sets.

CRITERIA TO BE A PLAYTESTER: Any V:EKN member in good standing is eligible to participate in the test process.

We require that you have an active playgroup to conduct testing in live game situations. One person among your group must become the single point of contact with whom I correspond.

SCOPE: Playtesting for this set will be a very short, focused effort. The starter bundles introduce a handful of new crypt cards and no new library cards. With so little new content, we'll run only a single round of testing.

As always, our goal is to evaluate the proposed cards' usefulness and relative power. Problematic interactions with the existing card base should be described using deck lists and game reports showcasing the balance issues.

For this test, we also request a comparison of each bundle's balance compared with the others. If groups wish, they may test against other pre-constructed starters and/or constructed tournament decks.

STARTING THE PROCESS: In order to receive emails (playtest files and project management updates) and for us to maintain files with a liaisons' email information, each primary contact must "opt into" the playtest by emailing me at . Please include your name, V:EKN number, preferred email address, country and city of residence in the email.

--This "opt-in" requirement applies even if you participated in previous playtests--

You may opt out of receiving information at any time by sending a cancellation request to that same address. Until that time active liaisons will continue to receive updated test files and project progress reports.

KNOWING YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED: Liaisons accepted into the process will be provided with a Black Chantry Productions non-disclosure agreement (NDA). After returning a completed, scanned copy of a their NDA, liaisons will be provided with the playtest files.

Liaisons will be responsible for gathering signatures from members or their playtest group before distributing files or information. Completed, scanned copies of group members' NDAs should also be forwarded to my email address for archival, though no personal data will be collected from that information.

EXCLUSION FROM TESTING: Please be aware that groups not submitting feedback for any proposed set or bundle may be excluded from subsequent playtests.

Kindest Regards.

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