compress A new web API for VTES:

21 Dec 2020 18:43 #101283 by lip
The KRCG API v2 is now available.

This is not a website. This is a toy for the techies.

You want to search cards with any number of criteria ? Match artists, sets, rarity, a specific precon ? You want a powerful text search ? Searching over translated texts ? It's all here.

Retrieve an Amaranth deck list from a share URL, convert deck lists to any format there is out there, search the TWDA for decks by cards, author, date, and / or number of players.

Also, as a special treat, provide a list of cards, and ask the machine what she thinks would be best with them, based on TWDA statistics.

It's free, it's here to stay, use it, have fun.

KRCG is a free open source project hosted on Github . Come provide feedback and contribute if you like.
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