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Regarding Bio thaumaturgic experiment, we have a discussion about this card:
If I play it at inferior, to employ an animal retainer (a Raven Spy, for example), the retainer will be employed at superior or at inferior level?. I think that it will be employed at inferior level, as I remember to read (I don't know where, sorry) that when you use a card to employ any retainer or ally without having the requeriments, those allies or retainers are always employed at basic level.
Am I right? Or the retainer is employed at superior level anyway?.
Thank you in advance for your answer.
Card texts:

Biothaumaturgic Experiment
Blood Sorcery
+1 stealth action.
tha Employ an animal retainer from your hand ignoring requirements (pay cost as normal).
THA Put this card on a minion you control. The attached minion gets 1 optional maneuver each combat and +1 strength.
Pool Cost 1

Raven Spy
Animal with 1 life.
ani The employer gets +1 intercept.
ANI As above, but Raven Spy has 2 life.
Blood Cost 1
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24 Aug 2022 13:36 #106125 by Palamedes
You are right.



If employing the retainer requires a Discipline and the retainer is put into play by some means other than employing, use the basic version of the retainer.

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